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Market October 1, 2015    Sold October 2, 2015
Manager Chris Fenton (DMG Entertainment)
Financier Apex Entertainment
Production DMG Entertainment
A historically factual look at what really happened when Ted Kennedy drove off the road into a Martha’sVineyard bay with Mary Jo Kopechne in the car
A prominent Kennedy family member must cover-up a scandal, after a drunken car crash leads to the death of his mistress.
The Kennedy family struggles to manage a PR nightmare following a disastrous car crash resulting in the death of Ted Kennedy's mistress. Based on true events.
Ted Kennedy struggles with his decisions to cover up a car crash that claims the life of his mistress, while still trying to stay on top of the world.
Drama, Historical, Biopic, Family, Period, Political, Accident, Affair, Corruption, Death, Ensemble Cast, Father/Son, Government, Investigation, Journalism, Mainstream (studio), Mid-life Crisis, President, Son, Space/Outer Space
M White 40 Average
Frost/Nixon, Milk, Charlie Wilson's War, The Founder, JFK
1969 / A Few Days
Majority takes place on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts. A cottage, beach, dirt roads, as well as long, moving sequences inside a '67 Oldsmobile. Portions also take place underwater inside a crashed car. Other locations include a police station, hotel, the lavish Kennedy compound, a courtroom, funeral home, and a medical waiting room.

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TED KENNEDY (37) walks down an empty dirt road in the middle of the night. Soaking wet and seemingly distressed, he makes it to a small cottage, where he demands to speak with Joe Gargan. FLASHBACK one day earlier, where Ted struggles to manage his staffers amid a hectic press conference scheduled for the end of the week in connection with the impeding moon landing. He calls JOE GARGAN (39), his cousin, who is helping him plan an elaborate party on Chappaquiddick Island for friends and staffers. After Ted expresses concern about space (some of the guests have been booked in the wrong hotel) Joe reassures him that "Ole Joey'll fix it", and hangs up without further formalities. The following day, Ted arrives at the island and begins to set up the cottage for a raucous party. He goes to the beach, where we meet ESTHER and MARY JO (mid-20s), beautiful young staffers who worked on the Kennedy campaign. Esther is distant, pointedly asking about Ted's wife and children, but he is unbothered and continues to openly flirt with Mary Jo. Ted announces that he will be competing in a sailboat race later in the day, and encourages the women...
Reader 1 Comments
Overall (Recommend)
“Chappaquiddick” focuses on Senator Ted Kennedy, who has political aspirations of becoming president. While on vacation on the titular island, Ted Kennedy drunkenly drives his car into a lake while his staffer is in the passenger seat. This premise, which revolves around Ted’s attempt to keep this scandal private, is interesting and has a compelling conflict that works, despite its minor issues. Further, the structure is reminiscent of a biography in a way that feels fresh and useful for representing these events. The dialogue is excellent, underscoring characters’ worldviews and desires. The logic and tone are likewise great, setting up a series of events that unquestionably flow into one another, which are represented in a journalistic way. Despite these highs, the protagonist could use further development for a more satisfying conclusion and the pacing could use minor tweaks to compress certain events....
Reader 2 Comments
Biopic chronicling the fall of the Kennedy family following the car crash that killed Ted Kennedy’s mistress and effectively ended his bid for President. With strong dialogue, structure, and well-crafted storytelling, “Chappaquiddick” is an engaging character study of a lesser known Kennedy. Although the protagonist is thoroughly unlikeable, his rationale is clear and his desires logical, which provides clarity (if not sympathy) for his often morally questionable actions. Touches on a variety of issues including fame, political maneuvering, family, and infidelity....
Reader 3 Comments
Overall, "Chappaquiddick" does a solid job of highlighting the troubled morality of Ted Kennedy's decisions after his car accident that resulted in the death of one of his secretaries. The premise is unique because it focuses on Ted Kennedy and his struggles being apart of the family instead of exactly on his family or relationships with his brothers specifically. The non-linear structure of the plot contorts the viewpoint of what is important in the narrative along with where the narrative really takes off with the inciting incident. Conflict is present throughout the narrative constantly based on the decisions that Ted makes along with the reactions from those close to him. Overall "Chappaquiddick" should be considered....