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An oppressed man desperate to party reunites with his old school buddies for an epic night only to find their personal growth stands between him and scoring drugs and alcohol.
After discovering that his dismissive, demanding wife has been releasing embarrassing porn featuring the pair online, a desperate man vows to party away his troubles with his two lifelong friends. As they seek out drugs and alcohol they find that an array of social and legal obstacles intend to keep them from getting wasted despite their best efforts.
After discovering that his wife has been putting videos of their sex life on the Internet, a man decides to go out with his friends and get drunk only to be foiled each time he tries to drink.
When he discovers that his wife has been drugging and filming him for a porn website, a pathetic man in turn drugs her and sets out with the mission to get as wasted as possible. Along with his two best friends, a Jesus freak ex-con and a tough transvestite, he attempts to find a party, but a series of insane mishaps lead to a police chase and manhunt that descends on the group just as they've finally found a place to get wasted.
Comedy, Buddy, Ensemble Cast, Film, Sex Comedy
M White 32 Average
Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, The Hangover, The Big Lebowski, Sex Tape
Present Day/ One Day.
100% Kansas City including a country road, a cornfield a clearing, a house, a prison, a parking lot, an airport, a restaurant, a bridge, a baseball stadium, a campsite, a store, a street, and a pub

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LEE HOLEYFIELD (30s) meets CLOE (20s) and instantly falls in love, even though she isn’t very nice to him. Two and a half years later, they’re married, but she is very controlling. One morning, after waking up to Cloe having sex with him, Lee asks her if he can go out with his friends and borrow her new car. She tells him no, and Lee gets ready to go to work. However, Lee has been fired from his job, so Lee goes to prison where his friend DICK BALL (30s), who has recently found Jesus, is being released. Afterward, they pick up TERRY COOLEY (30s). Terry is now transsexual, which shocks Lee and Dick. They go to celebrate Dick’s release where Lee discovers, thanks to a stranger, that Cloe has been drugging him, having sex with him while he sleeps, and filming the act for the Internet.

Angrily Lee goes home and confronts her. Cloe admits it and tells him that it’s made them a lot of money. She prepares to drug him again, but Lee manages to switch his drugged drink with hers while Dick and Terry distract her. When Cloe drinks the drugged beverage, she passes out. Lee, Dick,...
Reader 1 Comments
This edgy comedy about a group of friends fighting a variety of odds to secure drugs and alcohol features some funny, successful dialogue, a satisfying pace, and a consistent tone that ultimately works to add a bit of originality to the piece. A goal oriented character undergoes an important change, though it comes as somewhat of a surprise as it isn’t established by contrast in the early scenes or challenged fundamentally during his search for a party. With sharp writing, a quick and seamless pace, and a clever twist upon the familiar "lost night" tropes, "Party" shows great promise within the genre. ...
Reader 2 Comments
Three friends reconnect for a night of partying only to learn that each person has changed drastically by becoming a Christian, transsexual, and porn star respectively in "Party." The premise offers many opportunities for humor to develop, and scenes deliver tonally throughout the plot. As the characters look for ways to get drunk and high, conflict escalates believably, and this generates tension effectively. Though the supporting cast is quite humorous and the protagonist undergoes a character arc, this transformation feels a bit forced and could use some additional clarity. Every scene furthers the characters' goals as well, although the antagonist seems a little stereotypical at times, only to have her reversal seem rather out of the blue. Nevertheless, the characters' dialogue tends to be believable. Also, action description is clear and concise, making for a smooth read....
Reader 3 Comments
“Party” is an edgy buddy comedy about a man who escapes his controlling wife and takes his buddies along on a quest to find a party and get as wasted as possible. An active, flawed character who changes by narrative’s end could use a more direct examination, but still manages to experience a satisfying arc. External obstacles can be a bit episodic at first, but eventually build to a fast paced and intense final act that delivers actions and resolutions that pay off the narrative’s biggest questions. The strength of “Party” is its fiercely comedic dialogue, as well as a tone that expertly manages humor despite a foray into several disquieting ideas. More could be done to develop ideas that distinguish it from the typical male-driven R-rated comedy, and it certainly has potential to be quite character driven. It’s clear that plenty of thought has gone into the narrative, and that there’s more than enough comedic talent to carry its most distinguishable strengths through any future revisions....