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Market November 13, 2015
Manager Lee Stobby (Lee Stobby Entertainment)
The powerful story of a mistreated elderly Inuit woman who is forced out of her village to survive alone on the savage arctic tundra.
An elderly woman embarks on a perilous journey to her death for the sake of her people.
An Inuit woman is exiled from her community and left to die after being rendered futile due to her illness and old age.
Drama, Historical, Adventure, Faith/Spirituality
Ultra High
F Other 86 Average
Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner, Dersu Uzala, Life of Pi, Wild, Forest Gump, Benjamin Buttons
Era of Ancient Eskimo/Inuit People, several days
Arctic regions, arctic landscapes, cave, inuit winter camps

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ISHA (5) enters a bustling home with a wooden carved pendant of an owl. Displeased, NATO slams her into the ground. The Holy Man scolds Nato for his actions as he commences the goodbye ceremony for IMMANNA. Many people gather to say farewell. Isha implores Immanna to stay once she realizes that she is leaving for good.

Decades have past and now Isha (86) is old herself. Among other older women, Isha stands out as the one who is struggling to complete tasks. Hunters come with food and Isha spills the food due to her shaking hands. When her granddaughter CHOKO (8) approaches she asks Choko to help. For a while, Isha continues to ask for Choko for help while her ancestors’ beckon for her to join them in the afterlife. One day her son SONTO (45) confronts Isha about her blanket. He inquires if Choko has been helping her, but Isha denies it. Choko sulks and runs off. Isha bodies takes a toll as she drops a bowl and blanket. Her hands shake uncontrollably. YANTAVVA (75) hangs her head understanding what will happen as TORNA (50) commences the goodbye ceremony for Isha. Isha tries to give her angry granddaughter a...
Reader 1 Comments
A sickly elderly woman witnesses the cycle of life as she embarks on a journey to her death. The premise of this feature sparks several quintessential questions about the meaning of life. The execution is original as it focuses on an elderly character who is able to survive treacherous conditions despite her old age. While she is ill-suited to handle the terrain her ally characters provide help throughout her ordeal. ...
Reader 2 Comments
“Final Journey” follows the journey of Isha, an elderly Inuit woman who is exiled from her tribe due to an illness that renders her futile to her community. However, Isha is determined to survive and help a teenager she befriends who is on the hunt to prove his manhood by killing a polar bear. “Final Journey” is a thoughtful and elegant study of a unique character on a journey that is rare to see. There is overall a certain respect built for the Inuit people and their customs while also offering a different look at universal fears of death, particularly in Isha learning to accept death and isolation but on her own terms. Because of a genuinely special journey and combination of characters, “Final Journey” is truly unlike anything else. Two of the strongest aspects here are the premise and the originality that depict a rare character and largely underrepresented community and time period. This is supported by a complex character that holds up the majority of “Final Journey” and gives it a level of humanity that’s unprecedented. The tone and craft allow for strong visuals. Nonetheless, the structure and conflict need more clarity because this can drag down the pacing. These more undeveloped elements can also distract from the stronger aspects, such as the power of Isha’s character. “Final Journey” could take the opportunity to move past its vagueness and reliance on strong visuals, and find its focus on a more discernible throughline with stronger antagonism. This would allow it to reach its full potential as a unique viewing experience that allows compelling characters to ask thought-provoking questions....