• Blown
  • Jesse Wheeler
  • Comedy Hit List No Agent 2012 Top Action Available Top Comedy
  • 87.2
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Market May 15, 2012
Manager Marc Manus (Manus Entertainment)
Unlikely con man gets inadvertently paired with cub detective to solve a dirty cop scheme which changes their lives forever.
A wannabe detective gets the chance to solve a real murder case, and conscripts a con man posing as a deputy to help out.
A forensics tech and a con-artist combine strengths to unravel a police conspiracy before the conspiracy makes the odd team their latest innocent victims.
Action, Comedy, Adventure, Crime, Buddy, Conspiracy, Detective, Film, Mistaken Identity
M White 24 Attractive
21 Jump Street, The Other Guys, 48 Hours
Present/A few days
100% takes place in LA. With scenes at a police station, in a dingy motel room and the Staples Center

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BOONE (24), a crime scene investigator, has dreams of becoming a detective. But he has none of the skills to back it up. ORSAK (40s) is a con man who has been posing as sheriff’s deputy until a debt to a Russian mobster forces him to steal the precious lot #313 worth ninety-thousand dollars from an auction house. Boone gets his chance to solve a real case when his idol DETECTIVE BURKETT invites him on a ride along to investigate a suicide. Also on the suicide is Orsak who gets roped into the case when two witnesses mistake him for a real officer as he makes his getaway with lot #313. Suddenly a man driving a blue Honda shoots Burkett. Boone conscripts Orsak, also mistaking him for a real officer, and the two pursue the perp. Boone chases the car into a crowded metro station, crashing it and knocking Orsak unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds Boone with lot #313, believing it to be a piece of evidence left by the man in the blue Honda. Orsak has no choice but to play along as Boone tries to solve Burkett’s murder. CASS (24) Boone’s partner from crime scene investigation...
Reader 1 Comments
"Blown" is a well-written tale that offers comedic value alongside action, suspense and mystery. The characters are well defined which makes the series of events even funnier. Orsak and Boone make the traditional, fun-to-watch cop-partners. The supporting characters are interesting and generally easy to remember, although there are quite a few. It is action-packed and is well-crafted in every area. What it lacks in originality is gained through witty dialogue, lovable leading characters, a strong structure and an amusing ride from beginning to end. The pacing is excellent and once the real story starts it quickly moves forward resolving character and story issues all the way to the conclusion. The tone and style of the writing enhances the entire project as it stays "in character". In fact, the writing is really stylistic and highly entertaining....
Reader 2 Comments
Boone is a crime scene analyst, desperate to prove that he can make it as a detective. Orsak is a conman, posing as a police deputy, who owes money to the mob. After a detective is murdered in an inside job, both men have to trust each other and work together to stay alive. “Blown” is a fun and action packed adventure with plenty of humor and surprising twists to keep things interesting. The dialogue is great, the characters make sense and the structure and pacing are both solid. Logic is generally consistent with little issue, as is structure....
Reader 3 Comments
A rogue element within the police force will terminate any within the rank and file who pose a threat to its existence. This rogue element acts when the department enacts measures designed to crack down on gang activities. Caught in the middle of these internal affairs is Boone, a forensics tech who wants to an officer but is not qualified. Boone gets pulled into the departmental conspiracy as an unwitting pawn by one of the officers. When the corrupt cop gets murdered, it's up to Boone and a con-artist who knows a thing or two about police work, Orsak, to unravel the mystery of the puzzling murders. While entirely serviceable, at this stage "Blown" does not offer a unique enough hook next to other buddy cop narratives....