• White Hot Babyface
  • Andrew Rose
  • Comedy Scouted Available Top Comedy Unrepped
  • 80.1
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Set in the bizarro world of 1970s professional wrestling, highbrow meets lowbrow when a fledgling wrestler, to save his job, secretly enlists the aid of a once revered method acting teacher.
In the world of late 70's professional wrestling, a low level wrestler always relegated to being the opening act yearns to entertain in a bigger arena. He teams up with a method acting coach to enhance his skills, but must keep his unrefined profession a secret from the high brow coach who seeks inspiration and the highest quality from his students.
A struggling wrestler who pines for his time in the spotlight tricks an acting instructor into thinking he is a legitimate thespian so that he can receive lessons and improve his onstage showmanship, and through their emerging friendship, the two of them learn to come to terms with their respective professions and lives.
In 1977, a wrestler assigned to always being the "loser" in staged matches aims to win the public's attention, and hires an unwilling and elitist acting coach to help him work on a persona. Forced to keep the lessons a secret, the wrestler pursues the craft, all the while forming a bond with the coach, who also struggles to keep his homosexuality a secret from his family.
Action, Comedy, Sports, Period, Character Study, Film, Inspirational, Movie Business
M White 28 Average
Dodgeball, The King's Speech, White Men Can't Jump, The Wrestler, Body Slam
1977/ Several Months.
90% New York Locations including Madison Square Garden, an acting studio, several apartments, a bar, a cafe, an upstate home, an alley, a ferry terminal, a hillside, and city streets 10% Various Locations including an arena in Nebraska, a high school gym, and various highways

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TEDDY (28) is a low level wrestler on the pro circuit in the late 1970’s. Unlike his fellow wrestlers, he has no gimmick and gives terrible on air interviews. The managers always assign him to be the loser, and he knows he will always have that job. Teddy watches top wrestler JACK DADDIE (33) giving a captivating on air interview, and is duly impressed. Teddy goes on a streak of losing performances, handled by deft promoter MALCOLM (60’s) and manager RORY (45). Teddy is set to fight on the dead end Nebraska circuit soon. He discusses with the other wrestlers, including CATFISH JACKSON (30’s) and the MASKER MAULER (35), the fact that he needs his own gimmick to make name for himself. At the next venue, Teddy breaks from the agreement and cuts himself so that he bleeds, wowing the crowd. Rory is furious because those kinds of stunts are only meant for the main event, which Teddy definitely is not. Meanwhile ROGER (40) teaches an in depth acting class. He is looking for quality and inspiration, but his students are in commercials and awful plays. Teddy’s girlfriend STACEY (20’s) takes him to see a play. Teddy is unexpectedly moved. He gets...
Reader 1 Comments
“White Hot Babyface” is a comedic drama about a low levelwrestler who wants to improve his career by enlisting the help of an actingcoach. A distinct, goal oriented character acts despite a opposingcircumstances, and successfully completes a satisfying arc. The narrative’ssecondary character is arguably more compelling, having an intense level ofemotional dilemma throughout, and completing a change of his own. Externalpressures could stand to create more tension, especially considering that theera necessitates a greater amount of the secrecy about the “acting” element ofwrestling, as well as the subject of homosexuality. Stellar dialogue, anauthentic world, and an impressive tone that balances comedy and emotion definethe piece, and keep it engaging throughout. Further revisions might aim tofine-tune the interesting ideas that are already in place, and taking thisnarrative through development is highly recommended. “White Hot Babyface” isnever short on heart or meaning, and therefore deserves any efforts takentowards maximizing its potential....
Reader 2 Comments
“White Hot Babyface,” which revolves around a wrestler who tricks an acting instructor into giving him lessons so that he might improve his onstage personae, has a premise that communicates a strong sense of setting and characters. The structure is solid as it takes place within a typical three act setup with all the usual beats being intact, and the pacing only experiences a small series of perceivable lulls, mostly due to some lengthy dialogue choices. The character work in general is great, as the arcs are easily recognizable, the internal conflicts are layered, and the dialogue, although a bit long winded, always communicates a strong sense of the evolving relationships. The tone is also a strength, as it deftly walks the line between drama and comedy with both elements feeling harmonious and developed....
Reader 3 Comments
This comedy drama blend about a low level professional wrestler who enlists the help of an acting coach to advance his career is based on a novel premise and features a strong pace, an authentic setting, plus some successful and funny dialogue. The winning blend of comedy and drama to explore earnest themes pays off, especially in regards to the friendship at the center. A driven, goal oriented character could use some improvements to ensure the impact of theme. A stronger sense of conflicts, especially in the final stretch, could help to achieve this. Despite any weaknesses, very clear potential for a funny, satisfying, and emotionally fulfilling piece is here, and any further work on revision can be considered a wise time investment....