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A troubled detective investigating the brutal murder of a young girl commits suicide. Six months later, her lover investigates the murder of a middle-aged man only to realize the two cases might be connected.
A emotionally tortured detective is tasked to solve the murder of a middle-aged man, with his daughter as the primary suspect. As he investigates the case, he finds that there is a connection to cases long ago, including one that took the life of his former lover six months earlier.
A detective mourning the death of his ex-partner and lover is caught in a brand new case that involves the twisted family dynamics between a murdered man's ex-wife and daughters. While attempting to solve the murder and protect one of the daughters from her dangerous life of prostitution, the detective begins to suspect that this case has something to do with the one his deceased partner was investigating.
Drama, Crime, Cop/FBI/CIA, Detective, Film, Film Noir, Murder
M White 39 Attractive
The Black Daliah, Mommie Dearest, Sunset Boulevard, Top of the Lake (TV), The Killing (TV), Law and Order SVU (TV), Stoker, Every Secret Thing
Present Day/ Several weeks with flashbacks
100% Dunedin, New Zealand including a police station, several apartment buildings, a cabin, a motel, an auto repair shop, a bank, a gas station, a ferry station,a ferry, a restaurant, a diner, a lake, a mountainside, a steep residential street, an alleyway, and various streets

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Detective TRACEY-ANN PETERSON (35), pregnant and alone at a cabin, sees a news reporter showing the death of MEGAN BROWN (16), who was a witness in the unsolved death of CHLOE SHAW (16), a case that Tracey-Ann is investigating. She calls partner Detective VINCENT ZAMBRANO (39), expressing shock and fear over the news. She’s notices that she’s bleeding, and in fear, leaves the cabin. Just as Vincent drives up to meet her, she crashes her car over the side of a cliff and dies. Later, Vincent burns Tracey-Ann’s boxes of notes, evidence, and pictures. It’s clear that the two were involved, and that he doesn’t want to endure the pain of pursuing her case. Several months later, Vincent and current partner CHRISTIE SHEPARD (35) investigate the murder of DAVYN THORBURN (52). Vincent remembers him as someone who provided a lead in the Chloe Shaw case, but nothing came of it. Vincent and Christie soon suspect Davyn’s daughter MONICA THORBURN (22), with whom he had a meeting set at the time of his death. Vincent go to Monica’s home, where her mother ISABEL THORBURN (41), Davyn’s ex-wife, and uptight sister LEAH THORBURN (20), live. Isabel and her daughters have a disturbing,...
Reader 1 Comments
Set in New Zealand, “Bonds of Betrayal” is a slow burning police procedural about a grieving detective whose investigation into the murder of a middle-aged man unravels a web of familial deceit and brutality, and also re-opens an old case that led to the death of his girlfriend. With its excellent character work, intriguing central mystery, and emotionally engaging structure, the narrative is a compelling read that feels close to achieving its potential. Dialogue could be improved by making principal character voices more distinct. While the pacing is strong, it might be advisable to include a scene or two that helps assimilate the various clues and threads of investigation, which can feel somewhat confusing about halfway through. The craft is above average, and a couple of typos could be easily fixed....
Reader 2 Comments
Vincent, a detective still grieving over the death of his lover Tracey, is given a case to solve the murder of a man named Davyn, who was dying, yet wanted to meet with Monica, his estranged daughter who is living with her abusive mother Isabel. While Monica becomes the prime suspect, Vincent begins to delve deeper into the case, only to find a connection between Davyn's murder, and one that took place years ago, which was a case Tracey was trying to solve. "Bonds of Betrayal" is a intriguing mystery, with flawed but sympathetic protagonists, a good central narrative, and some good twists at the end that offset some moments of predictability. The pacing can be a bit slow at times, a couple characters and relationships can feel underdeveloped, with Isabel coming off as potentially over-the-top, and a couple of small structural and craft notes. "Bonds of Betrayal" is fairly well written, but could some minor bits of improvement....
Reader 3 Comments
“Bonds of Betrayal” is a psychologically intense mystery concerning a detective’s investigation into a murder that leads him to face the mistakes he made with his deceased partner and ex-lover. A highly intricate mystery plays is impressively executed, with the protagonist at its center undergoing his own personal evolution. His specific characteristics and emotional ties to the case feel a bit delayed, but nonetheless result in a narrative in a satisfying end. Secondary character experience their own arcs as well, and are perhaps more instrumental to communicating the themes and tone than the protagonist. While largely traditional, the complexity of the plot displays a good hand at mystery that might be utilized to craft more personal and unique questions regarding the characters as well. Pacing is excellent, while structure might need a bit of revision in order to adequately reflect the main arc. Logic, tone, and dialogue serve the mystery above all else, which is part of the reason this aspect of the narrative is so well done. At this point, revision seems to be a matter of fine tuning character, and providing a level of intimacy with the protagonist that sometimes flags. It’s clear that plenty of effort has gone into making “Bonds of Betrayal” what it is, and continuing on this path is positively supported....