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Market April 25, 2012
Direct Jeff Wadlow
Agent David Boxerbaum (Paradigm)
Manager Jake Wagner (Benderspink)
Wagner was at Film Engine when this went to market in 2012.
A highly touted American formula car racer's family is abducted as part of a diamond heist during the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.
A formula one racer has to save his family's life before the race is over.
Forced to win the Circuit de Monaco or his family is killed. A veteran race car driver finds a way to continue racing and at the same time hunt and rescue his family.
Action, Adventure, Film, Gambling, Heist, Hostage, Kidnap, Martial Arts
M White 42 Attractive
Taken, Iron Man 2
2013/A single day
100% takes place in Monaco with about 20% at a race track and another 30% at an aiport. There are also scenes in the city streets, in a parking lot and at a marina.

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A legendary racer, LINCOLN BARNES (42), is planning to run what some have suggested will be his last race the best that he can, refusing to go quietly into the night. But when his son DAN (6) and his wife SARAH (35) are kidnapped before the race begins, the group’s leader HELLING (40s) tells Lincoln through the heads-up display in his helmet that he has to win the race or loose his family. But Lincoln realizes that Sarah and Dan have seen the faces of their captors, even if he wins there is no escape for them. Desperate, he pulls into the pit and explains the situation to his rival teammate JIM (27) and makes him run the race. Unsure of what to do, Lincoln returns to his hotel room where he learns from the security guard EUGENE (50) that a TV crew was let into the room, left with Lincoln’s family in their large light kits. They review the security tapes but realize that pieces have been edited . They suspect the editor AURIC (20s). Lincoln physically forces Auric to reveal information. "Les Joeurs, " is all he says as he manages to escape. Lincoln gives chase, which alerts...
Reader 1 Comments
"Throttle" is about formula car racer Lincoln Barnes. Rumored to be washed up and approaching retirement, Lincoln is racing the Monte Carlo Grand Prix one last time. When his family is kidnapped by a man named Helling in an attempt to motivate Lincoln to win the race so that he may steal from a man's gambling winnings, Lincoln must switch places with his protege Jim, and go after his family. In this action/thriller similar to "Taken", Lincoln is continually challenged by the roadblocks thrown at him by his adversaries on his way to rescuing his family. Fast paced, action packed, and chalk full of intriguing characters such as a french policewoman, and high rolling billionaires, it is a pleasure to watch as Lincoln recovers his family, but also his priority to them and not racing....
Reader 2 Comments
When one of the world’s foremost formula one drivers has his family kidnapped, he not only has to win the race, he has to find their captors before time runs out. Characters are engaging and easy to cheer for, and their dialogue employs subtext, making them feel like real people. The pacing is great and conflict is ever present keeping the tension high....
Reader 3 Comments
"Throttle" like its race car subject matter, is fast, exciting with high stakes drama and action. A race car driver must finish and win the Circuit de Manaco or his family will be killed. But Lincoln Barnes abandons the race to seek out and rescue his family. During his adventure he is aided and prevented by a cadre of well defined supporting characters. At every bend and turn he collides into some type of conflict. He doesn't speak the language. He doesn't know the territory. He's pursued by the police for killing in self defense. It's a race against the clock, but Lincoln utilizing his racing skills rescues his family and defeats their captors....