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Market June 12, 2015
Agent Adrian Garcia, Rich Rogers, Zac Simmons (Paradigm)
Manager Jonathan Barry (3 Arts)
Production Aquidneck Films
A washed up bull rideer seeks revenge for a bull that ended his career. A young girl offers to help him find it if he hlps her to become a bull riding cahmpion.
Piss drunk and heavily sedated, a washed-up rodeo champ agrees to teach a headstrong tomboy how to ride like the pros if it means getting close, and exacting revenge, on the bull that cost him his career.
A washed out bull riding champion partners with a teenager to seek revenge against the bull that ruined his career. However, the teenager will only help him if he teaches her how to ride bulls like he once did.
Comedy, Sports, Business, Competition, Corruption, Drugs, Dysfunctional Family, Revenge, Rural, Small Town, Troubled Youth
M White 30 Attractive
"Dukes of Hazard" "8 Seconds" "Talladega Nights the Ballad of Ricky Bobby" "Blades of Glory"
First scene a couple of hours then flash forward to present day where the events take around two weeks.
85% Arenas, Rodeos, a RV, Open Lands, port-o-potty, Stages, Backstages, Sheep Pins, Bull Layers, Livestock Ranches and 15% Pressbox, Mansion, Music video sound stage, Bars, Offices.

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GORGEOUS LIPPTICK (?), is top bull riding champion. He has it all women, money, and fame. In an arena, where he moments away from competing, he is clearly the center of attention. Bobbie Joe or BJ (13) is with her family at the arena, she is Gorgeous’s biggest fan. However, she worries about her guardian’s bull, FURIOUS GEORGE (?). Meanwhile Gorgeous makes out with the beautiful LACY (?), until a Bobbie Joe interrupts him. BJ is a tomboy and she wants to be a bull rider just like him. She tells Gorgeous about Furious and how he is an abnormally large and mean bull that could potentially hurt him. Gorgeous’s arrogance can care less and reassures her everything will be ok. Unfortunately, Furious slams Gorgeous into the railing, he goes from beloved bull rider to rag-doll in a matter of moments. FLASHFORWARD - Five years later. Gorgeous now works as a loser rodeo clown as drugs, booze, and regret have taken over his life. However, the only thing keeping him alive is the whereabouts of Furious. Everyone tells him he does not exist. His friend TUPELO (?), tells him to let go of trying to find the bull. He does...