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Market June 22, 2015
Manager Jenny M. Wood (Elevate Entertainment)
Agent David Boxerbaum (Paradigm)
Kept under wraps, but pitched in the vein of The Sixth Sense, Silence of The Lambs, and Signs, with a female lead.
A woman questioning her faith must investigate a fatal plane crash, she believes was caused by dark forces.
A woman haunted by the death of her son is determined to fight the godly injustice that caused a plane crash.
An airplane crash investigator will have her current case question her belief in the supernatural as she slowly learns the reasons for the crash.
Thriller, Supernatural, Airplane, Conspiracy, Cult, Disaster, Evil, Female Protagonist, Investigation
F Unspecified 40 Average
Fallen (1999), Constantine, "Crash: The Mystery of Flight 1501", "Silence of the Lambs" "The Reapening" "Six Souls"
A couple of weeks
Conference Room, church- confession booth, Iowa roads, Village, Airplane Crash site, Open Corn Field Hotel Room, Library, Laboratory, Gas stop, Forest, Rundown Bar,

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We open on ELIZABETH and MICHAEL, who are passengers on a flight that suddenly descends towards the ground. A MOTHER and a CHILD cry when the plane seems to be crashing. WE CUT to a Church where KELLY BROKAW(40’s) is sitting in a confession booth with FATHER, where Kelly receives a phone call informing her on the crash. She leaves for the NTSB headquarters, where she receives more information on the fatal crash, as she enters a conference meeting with other aviation investigators where their boss, ZIMMER, assigns the different positions to the investigators. Kelly’s colleague, CORNWELL, is leading the investigation. Kelly goes home where she sobs while looking at a picture of her dead son. Later, in the jet on her way to the crash site, she records her thoughts and her suspicion about the aircraft losing control. Later she arrives at her hotel and places a picture of her son on the desk, then heads out to the crash site. When seeing the catastrophic destruction and loss of lives, she tears up. Kelly and Cornwell inspect a piece of metal that seems strange due to its dents, which don’t resemble anything they’ve seen before. Later, Kelly goes to...