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Market June 9, 2015
Manager Jeff Portnoy (Heretic Literary Management)
Set in California’s Central Valley during an extreme drought, a family is trapped and terrorized by a malevolent force that manifests itself in the form of black dust.
A supernatural sand threatens a southern California Mother and her children, but her stubbornness makes her unwilling to give up without a fight.
During the worst drought in California history, local farmers are terrorized by a supernatural force that manifests itself in the form of black dust.
After a severe drought, a Central Californian family is attacked by a mysterious omnipotent force of black dust.
Sci-fi, Thriller, Family, Nature, Female Protagonist, Man vs Nature, Mother, Rescue, Revenge, Rural, Secrets, Small Town, Survival, Suspenseful
F White 40 Attractive
"Signs" , "Twister", "The Babadook," "Sharknado," "Black Sheep," "Poltergeist"
Early montage then flash forward three years later, then 85% of "Dust to Dust" is three days worth of events. With one minor flashback that took place 70 years ago. Then last two pages are taken place three months later.
90% are in two story and three story homes, barn, silo, open roads, attics, ravine, kitchen, truck, barren lands, bunker, Then 10% Football Field, Restaurant,

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The California suffers from the worse drought in history, a montage displays television newsreels of family leaving their homes, cattle starving, and homes buried in dust. FLASH FORWARD, 3 years later, JIMMY BRENNER (40s) works on his tracker outside until a strange black dust storm approaches him and swallows him before he can make it to safety. DAKOTA WILKES (40), spent but pretty, has three children, COLE (7), ABE (21), and REBA (17). They live in a two story house in a desolated rural farm town. Abe shows Dakota five bodies in the cemetery were all exhumed from their coffins. They call the local sheriff, BULL MCGINTY (60’s), a family friend. He informs them that Jimmy is dead and their will not be a view because his body was tormented by the storm. Dakota is shocked

Bull informs her that everyone in town is leaving and she advises her and her family to do the same because there is not enough water supply and the town’s power will be shut off soon. Dakota says no because her family has been here for five generations and she is not leaving. Abe frustrated, he wants to leave like everyone else, he says dad,...