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Market June 25, 2015
Agent Adam Kanter, Adrian Garcia, Douglas Fronk, Ellie Schiff, Martin Spencer (Paradigm)
Manager Allen Fischer (Principato Young)
A former mob hit man goes out for revenge when his retirement property and nest egg are mistakenly blown up by a rival crime boss looking for the guy next door.
When a retired hitman's new house is blown up by accident, he sets out to kill the person responsible.
A former hit man seeks revenge when his dream house is mistakenly blown up by mobsters.
A retired hitman’s home is destroyed when a group of bottom feeders mistakenly blow it to pieces.
Action, Gambling, Gangs, Gangster, Hitman, Killer, Mob, Money, Prostitution, Relationship, Revenge, Troubled Youth
M Unspecified 40 Fit
"John Wick"
A Few Days
Residential Home, City Streets, Gun Shop, Apartment Complex, Grocery Store, Night Club,

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A REALTOR (?) shows VIC (40s) a nice home for sale in quiet suburban neighborhood, he buys it. This is the start of his retirement. He heads to grocery store. While away, NERD (40s), FUEGO (?), and HIELO (?) roam the neighborhood looking for a man named TEMPLE. The three mistake Vic's new home for Temple's and break in. No one's home - the three henchmen rig the house with explosives. The three henchmen exit the home just as Vic returns - the house explodes. Dazed, Vic spots the henchmen's vehicle peel off, he chases after it on a child's bike. Vic gains on the vehicle, he stealthily extracts Nerd from the moving vehicle - the other henchmen drive on, unaware. Vic interrogates Nerd - they hit the wrong house. Nerd reveals DE SOTO (40s), a mobster, as the man who authorized the attack. Vic hijacks a car and stuffs Nerd in the trunk. At De Soto's residence, Fuego and Hielo can't figure out how Nerd disappeared - they assume he ran away. De Soto learns they hit the wrong address, he shoots Hielo in the head. He orders Fuego to find Nerd. Vic arrives at the Hen House, a...