• Daddy Issues
  • Thom Harp
  • Comedy No Manager 2015 Available Top Comedy
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Market July 13, 2015
Agent Sean Barclay, Mark Hartogsohn (Gersh)
While watching a vintage adult film with his fiancee, a man discovers that his mother was once a porn star.
After discovering his mom was a porn star, a man sets out to find his biological father.
A young man goes on a road trip to find his biological father after discovering he was a product of his mother's fleeting career as a porn star.
Comedy, Family, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Teen, Actor, Adolescence, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Broad Comedy, Doctor, Dysfunctional Family, Father/Son, Filmmaker/Filmmaking, Identity, Mainstream (studio), Mother/Son, Movie Business, Parent, Parenthood, Pregnancy, Racy/Raunchy, Son, Student, Teen Comedy
M White 27 Average
Knocked Up, The Switch, Tammy, Sex Tape
Present Day / Several Weeks
Takes place across the West Coast/Pacific Northwest of the United States. Various houses, mansions, farms. A courthouse, jail, and police car. Large portions in a Hyundai Elantra, as well as the set of a major porn film.

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BRIAN (20) meets ASTRID (20) during a hilarious college prank at the University of Oregon. FLASHFORWARD seven years, where Brian and Astrid are now a couple in a loving relationship. Brian is employed as a hospice worker, while Astrid is an aspiring doctor with a prestigious family and glowing future. Although not officially engaged, they are considering marriage, and eager to take the next step in their relationship. One night they decide to watch some porn together, and end up watching Brian's MOTHER (DARLENE, 50s) have sex on screen.

Horrified, Brian confronts his mother, and discovers that she used to be a porn star. His "father" (SETH, 50s) is not actually his biological father, since Darlene was pregnant when they met. When pressed, Darlene reveals that she does not know the identity of Brian's father, and that he could be any one of the hundreds of partners she had leading up to his birth. Furious, Brian decides to set out and find his biological father. Astrid agrees, deciding that it would be best for them (and their future children) to know Brian's family history to check for disease or mental illness. They compile a list of potential dads, and set off...