• Snake Oil
  • Comedy 2015 Available
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Market April 15, 2015
Agent Allan Haldeman, David Park, Lauren Meltzner (UTA)
Manager A.B. Fischer (Shuman Company)
An unconventional campaign finance director proves money is king during his stint on a hopeless campaign trail.
A cocky campaign financer agrees to fuel a hopeless presidential campaign if it means payback to his former employer.
An over-the-hill political campaign fundraiser will have his last shot at redemption with a presidential campaign for an idealistic candidate while revealing the funny-ugly sides of the campaign trail.
Comedy, Black Comedy, Political, Film, Social Commentary
M Unspecified 40 Average
The Ides of March, The Campaign, The Wolf Of Wall Street
A couple of months, fast-forward to several months later.
A poker table at the Mirage hotel, A campaign office, a Kentucky plantation mansion, a stadium, a Capital Hill bar, an apartment, a fake movie-street, Execs office, Steakhouse, The White House.

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At a high-stakes poker table at the mirage hotel, we meet STEVE FINCH (40's), an annoyingly-sharp crud man, who just bet everything he had on a bluff and his attitude- what cost him his last twenty thousand dollars. He receives a phone call for a job interview in Kentucky and flies over there.

At a Kentucky plantation house, he meets senator CHARLES HARRISON (50's) and his team of campaign yes-men, who urge him to run for presedency. Finch gives Harrison the harsh truth about campaigning for presidency, which makes him hated in the eyes of the rest and loved by Harrison. After Finch already orders himself a cab, Harrison pleads him to take a position as his finance director and finally convinces him with the mentioning of his opponent Buck Covington and the possibility of screwing him over. Over Buck Covington's giant stadium rally and Harrison's modest running- announcement, Finch provides a voiceover explaining the importance of financing in a campaign, and how it determines who wins. We then meet Finch with his INTERN (20's) as he explains more of the process of calling for donations and planning fundraising dinners. KIMBELL (20's) a young idealist arrives at Finch's campaign headquarters for...
Reader 1 Comments
A cocky campaign financer agrees to fuel a hopeless presidential campaign if it means payback to his former employer. The premise acts as social commentary on the political system suggesting money fuels politics. The structure is coherent and leads to a satisfying conclusion. The characters are well-developed, the protagonist meets all identifiable character beats. Conflict is consistent and gradually escalates to a climactic moment. The dialogue is where unique character personalities shine, the protagonist’s insulting, dry humor makes every interaction entertaining. The craft is well-developed, the dialogue heavily outweighs the action but to the benefit of the narrative and the comedy genre....
Reader 2 Comments
Steve Finch, an over-the-hill political campaign fundraiser will try one last time to win the big one- a presidential election as he teams up with an unconventional idealistic candidate. With the help of his niece and up against his ex-girlfriend and former boss, he will try to raise enough money that he believes will eventually- win the campaign. As the premise of "Snake Oil" revolves around the less sexy part of a not so interesting thing- the campaign trail- it takes its shot of comedy at a subject that was mostly treated with heavy seriousness in film. The characters are well-crafted, as they all represent some side of the system in place, and provide an entertaining narrative. The dialogue is well nuanced and contains interesting subtext throughout. The conflict is interesting yet doesn't seem too challenging for such a qualified protagonist. The structure is very solid and sticks to the three-act form. Even though some parts of "Snake Oil" are highly predictable, it provides a unique take on the money election connection in a humoristic way, relying mostly on strengths like well-nuanced dialogue, interesting characters, an important relevant message, and a strong tone throughout, created by great writing....