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Market March 25, 2015
Agent Adrian Garcia, Valarie Phillips (Paradigm)
Manager Zach Cox, Ken Friemann (Circle of Confusion)
After envisioning the murder of his wife in an experimental drug-induced vision, a once-promising detective must fight to alter the course of their shared destiny. The Departed meets Limitless.
After being exposed to a drug allowing him to see pieces of the future, a Detroit detective races against the clock to save his wife.
A broken detective takes a drug that shows him the future, which involves his wife’s death. Against the odds, he works to stop these events from happening.
A Detroit police officer with a troubled past begins taking a drug that enables him to foresee future events.
Sci-fi, Thriller, Crime, Cop, Cop/FBI/CIA, Corruption, Detective, Divorce, Drugs, Film, Film Noir, Gangster, Mafia, Organized Crime, Secrets
M Unspecified 35 Average
Next, Deja Vu
A few days
A mechanic's garage, a wooded trailer park, a cabin. A police station. Downtown Detroit slums with old buildings, abandoned project housing, etc.

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Shovels scrape through rock and dirt. Two men stand in a deep pit doing the shoveling. DETECTIVE ADRIAN WINTERS (35) looks down on them while they go about their job.

Eight months later, Adrian is on the haunt as he searches a hotel where he finds GLENN HANSEN. He convinces Glenn to come with him since he has a badge. Adrian brings Glenn to an Auto Repair Shop to meet SIMON CASSEL (61) and KARL HIRSCH (51). Adrian heads to the doctor’s office where he sees his wife JULIA WINTERS (32) from inside his car where he avoids their counseling appointment. Julia attends the appointment, venting about the death of their daughter and Adrian’s absence in their marriage.

Adrian is called in to assist Simon because one of his labs went up in flames. Adrian arrives at the lab, now crime scene and finds the journal of one of the chemist that worked there. Once back at his apartment Adrian reads the journal and finds two white pills stashed inside. Adrian takes one of the pills and he begins to lose touch with reality constantly having flashes of different settings and people. After 10 minutes of being high Adrian comes out of...