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When a spineless woodworking hobbyist unwittingly becomes an embarrassing internet meme at the hands of a malicious, young YouTuber, he must salvage his reputation and his dignity by confronting his teenage assailant.
When a dorky, timid carpenter becomes the target of a bitter teenager’s cyber-bullying campaign, the man decides to fight back, forcing the two to face not only one another, but some unexpected truths about themselves as well.
A kind pushover becomes the victim of online bullying by a teenage YouTube celebrity known for scathing online attacks. In the face of increasing consequences, the man must overcome his weakness to try to stop the bullying, just as the teenager steps up the attacks in an effort to secure a lucrative TV deal.
A humble hardware store owner becomes a YouTube troll's next victim and struggles to put his life back together.
Comedy, Romance, Teen, Character Study, Film, LGBTQ, Movie Business, School, Social Commentary, Troubled Youth
M White 37 Average
Cyberbully, Neighbors, Bully, Mean Girls, The Campaign, Heathers.
Present / A Few Months
50% Los Angeles, 50% Boston including various houses, a workshop, a hardware store, a police station, an office, a restaurant, a high school, a park, a supermarket, an airplane, LAX, a travel lodge, a liquor store, and Logan Airport

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ETHAN HEINEKEY (30s-40s), a hardware store owner, begins his day by creating a Youtube video about how to make a birdhouse. While he films the video, there are a series of mishaps: paint drips and the wood he cuts is mismatched in size. Nevertheless, he loads the video onto Youtube where no one watches it. After he's finished, he goes to work with MARSHALL (?), his teenage employee, where Ethan meets SABRINA MILLER (30s). She needs help making a desk, and in the process of helping her, Ethan realizes that she writes a column for the local paper. Meanwhile, JAZERUS (15) is also filming a Youtube video. Instead of being helpful however, he likes to make videos where he insults other Youtube users. Today, he makes fun of a little girl for throwing a temper tantrum. Unlike Ethan's video, this gets many hits. Unfortunately, Jazerus' parents, HERB (?) and DIANE (?), have decided that he needs to get out of the house and away from the Internet. They force Jazerus to help Diane build a birdhouse based on some Pinterest instructions. When those instructions don't pan out, Jazerus checks Youtube and finds Ethan's video. Realizing the potential, he instantly uses...
Reader 1 Comments
“Trolled” is a poignant comedy concerning an unassuming carpenter who decides to fight back against the teenage “troll” who bullies him online. The combination of complex characters, effective and significant conflict, and an exploration of universal themes in a topical context create a character-driven narrative of rare quality. Uniquely comedic elements coupled with an honest approach to a serious subject establish a tone that balances humor and drama effectively. A solid structure and impressive pacing round out this exceptional take on a classic premise. ...
Reader 2 Comments
"Trolled," a comedy about a kind but hapless man becoming the target of an infamous online bully, satisfies on many fronts. A solid structure and expert pace inform a narrative that puts a premium on character, revealing a pleasing change in not only the protagonist, but also the antagonist via some thoughtful internal and external conflicts. This somewhat unexpected element speaks to the success of a tone that blends comedy with a touching emotional center to great effect. From start to finish, the foremost narrative device is dialogue, which showcases the creative and often funny details that give the piece a unique identity. In short, the variety of successes make this comedy which can be confidently recommended. ...
Reader 3 Comments
“Troll” captures attention with its premise of a mild-mannered pushover becoming an Internet troll in order to exact revenge on his cyber bully, and with well-developed characters, realistic and humorous dialogue, and high stakes it succeeds in almost everything it sets out to accomplish. The premise is contemporary and immediately draws interest. Conflict interestingly escalates in beats. The structure, except for a few places, is tight. A premise surrounding YouTube stars could easily not work, but “Troll” succeeds in escalating the stakes, developing the characters, and keeping things visual as a new entry in the comedic genre. The execution is spot on....