• Star One
  • Black List Hit List Set Up 2015 Thriller
  • 84.2
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Market March 12, 2015
Agent David Boxerbaum, Scott Henderson, Christopher Smith (Paradigm)
Manager Noah Rosen (Writ Large)
Production Mythology
Described as Argo in tone, the story centers around a secret mission in which a CIA agent convinces a Tibetan scholar to sneak into Tibet to enlist the help of the Dalai Lama to keep communism from taking over the continent of Asia.
An ex-CIA operative is coerced unto a mission to travel into Tibet and convince the Dalai Lama to accept help from the US in the war against communism.
A CIA agent and an anthropologist venture through a war-torn Southeast Asia to prevent Tibet from being taken over by Communist forces.
An anthropologist specializing in Central Asia is recruited by the CIA to convince the Dalai Lama to fight the invading Chinese communists.
Action, Historical, Adventure, War, Chase, CIA, Cop/FBI/CIA, Dramedy, Espionage/Spy, Film, Foreign Locale, Guns, High Concept, Journey, Rural, Suspenseful, Travel
Ultra High
M Unspecified 29 Average
Argo, Seven Years in Tibet, Zero Dark Thirty, Bridge of Spies
1949, About a Month
Central Asian landscape, office in CIA headquarters, Mongolian yurts, destroyed American consulate, nomad camp, medical camp, Russian consulate, Dalai Lama's temple

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DOUGLAS MACKIERNAN (30s) watches a Russian nuclear test, snapping a photo.

As news of Russia's nuclear bombs reaches the United States, CIA analyst NATE FELLOWS (29) explains to the director of the CIA, WALTER BEDELL SMITH (50s) that China is going to invade Tibet.

In Mongolia, FRANK BESSAC (29) is called into council with local royalty, PRINCE DE (40). Encouraged by KGB elite, MARKO DUROV (40s), a Mongolian man, TUKA (40s), storms the council, killing everyone and chasing Frank.

As Frank attempts to board a plane, he is rescued by MacKiernan who reveals that he and Frank are both CIA and that Frank is being reactivated.

Reluctantly, Frank travels with MacKiernan to the American consulate in China. Inside the consulate, they retrieve guns and gold, burn sensitive material, and meet up with Russian dissidents VASILI SVANSOV (41) and LEO SVANSOV (13). They burn the building and escape. As they drive south, MacKiernan reveals to Frank what the mission is.

They come across a roadblock guarded by Chinese communist soldiers. MacKiernan kills one and stuffs him into the trunk and they drive through the checkpoint.

Back at the consulate, Marko searches the remains with his assistant DIMA (27). They learn the MacKiernan was the spy who took...
Reader 1 Comments
“Star One” covers the true story of CIA agents traveling to Tibet amidst the war in China in order to plead with the Dalai Lama and Tibetans to arm themselves against their coming invaders. This concept is not only original, but rich in conflict. The protagonist, Frank, is constantly challenged throughout by the external conflicts and through his supporting characters who have opposing views. With well-written scenes, the action continues to escalate. Through the events Frank survives, his change is earned when he decides to speak to Dalai Lama on behalf of the United States government....
Reader 2 Comments
“Star One” follows the story of the first anonymous star on the Memorial Hall at CIA headquarters. CIA agent Douglas MacKiernan enlists the help of Frank Bessec (ex-CIA, turned anthropologist) to prepare Tibet for war. The dynamic between the two characters is funny and entertaining, and the dialogue between them is clever and witty. The pacing is very well done, building suspense and tension through intense action scenes, but relieving some tension with comedy. The writing is detailed and has a strong narrative voice that is engaging and easy to follow....
Reader 3 Comments
OVERALL (Recommend)
"Star One" follows Frank Bessac, an anthropologist as he works to arm Tibet against the invading Chinese communists. He works and flees Russian pursuers together with Douglas MacKiernan, a CIA operative. Overall "Star One" is exciting with an engaging premise. The conflict is good, but it teases at a better internal conflict that could have added more depth. The characters are well written and with the exception of one strange bit of information, they are solid and believable. The logic is relatively sound, but an unprofessional move made by the professional involved basically caused the entire conflict and it just wasn't a realistic mistake. Despite some flaws, "Star One" is exciting and full of a diverse cast of characters and interesting situations....