• Damsel
  • Action Black List Drama Hit List No Manager Set Up 2015
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Market March 12, 2015
Agent Martin Spencer, Niki Montazaran (Paradigm)
Production Josephson Entertainment
The writer is now represented by Charles Ferraro, Aaron Hart, and David Park at UTA and Tobin Babst and Michael Wilson at Kaplan/Perrone, as reported by the Black List 2015.
Pitched as a dark spin on the Rapunzel fairytale in the vein of Snow White and the Huntsman, the story follows the princess as she goes rogue and exacts revenge after not having been rescued from her tower.
A village girl seeks to rescue her kingdom's prince from the evil Rapunzel so that her family might benefit from the reward.
After waiting for years to be rescued from her isolated tower, Rapunzel finally gains powers of dark magic, and starts to plot her revenge.
After her years in captivity lead Rapunzel to be consumed by dark magic, it is up to a huntress to rescue the prince Rapunzel has kidnapped and stop her from obliterating the entire kingdom.
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Supernatural, Teen, Battle, Dark, Epic, Fairy Tale, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Hero, King/Queen, Prince/Princess, Revenge, Royalty, Sword & Sorcerer, Warrior
F Unspecified 20 Attractive
Snow White and the Huntsman, Maleficent, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, Red Riding Hood, Into the Woods, The Hunger Games
A couple of days. Flashbacks show several years.
100% in a fantasy kingdom. Mostly in the woods and in an abandoned Fortress in the mountains (stairwell, abandoned throne room and tower prison). Also cottages, Stone Tower Prison, Castle (grand throne room, hallway, chambers, war room, dungeons), Witch's swamp hut, Gypsy Camp, Redwood forest, magical Forbidden Garden, Mountains (mountain pass, spring, pool), Pine forest (and river), Village, Swamp land

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In a fantasy land, a MAN steals fruit from a tree in a secret garden, which grants him and his WIFE eternal life and youth. Greedily wanting to make a profit off the tree, he returns to the garden and encounters a WITCH (40) who strips them of their immortality and demands their first born child for their act of thievery. 9 months later, they give birth to RAPUNZEL and the witch takes her and traps her in a tower.
Years pass and Rapunzel (17) starts weaving a rope of her own hair with hope of escaping, singing a haunting melody every day. Lured by her song, Prince Edward finds Rapunzel in her tower and promises to come back with a ladder to reach her rope of hair and rescue her. However, he returns with his army to find her gone. The witch has moved Rapunzel to a fortress in the mountains, where she will never be found. After 20 years, Rapunzel is driven mad by the isolation and she finally stops waiting for Edward to rescue her, instead praying for revenge against him for breaking his promise and the witch for keeping her captive. The forces of darkness answer her...