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Market March 10, 2015
Producer Jennifer Fox
Agent Risa Gertner, Adam Berkowitz, Doc O'Connor (CAA)
Kept under wraps.
A pair of misunderstood teens escape their dreary, troubled lives through online gaming and the lucrative, underground business of character breeding.
Drama, CGI, Computer, Film, Internet, Suspenseful, Troubled Youth
M Unspecified 19 Average
"Gamer," "Sucker Punch"
A Few Days
Office Building, New York Streets, Apartments, Residential Home, In-Game: Dairy Farm, Downtown Tokyo, Jungle, Forests, Ruins

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Overlooking a cornfield, a WOMAN’S voice narrates the images on-screen – it’s an ultra-realistic online massive multiplayer role playing game on screen (MMORPG) – Open World. ROWAN (?) emerges from the cornfield, he’s standing in a classic American dairy farm. Controlling Rowan is EVAN FOYLE (19), his boss, MONTY (40), looms over him with WENDELL (17), who’s also watching. They’re inside a small room, a workbox, filled with future tech. Inside a grungy rental in Indiana, FIVE DUDES (?), the BRAW (as they call themselves), loaf around their computer consoles playing Open World. In-game, they’re minotaurs – they spot Rowan outside the farm and rush to attack. He effortlessly dispatches them within seconds – he’s incredibly powerful. Wendell is impressed with the performance, Monty is concerned he may have seen too much and escorts him out. LAUREL BEREK (20) enters, she’s pissed – the dairy farm is hers to scavenge, Evan dismisses her. Monty orders the two to get back to work. O/VARY - an office space inside a Lower Manhattan business tower, filled with computers, tech, and workboxes. GITA (35) enters, she’s on the phone inquiring about a missing person, Tina. Monty asks if she’s been found – nothing....
Reader 1 Comments
A pair of misunderstood teens escape their dreary, troubled lives through online gaming and the lucrative, underground business of character breeding. The premise examines escapism through video games, and it's an interesting concept built around interesting characters. The structure is well-developed with identifiable structural beats that create a solid, dual-protagonist narrative. Conflict gradually escalates from personal struggle to escaping the clutches of a delusional boss that thinks the two protagonists have sabotaged his business. Both protagonists are thoroughly developed – their struggles at home feel real as much as their dialogue does. The craft has a unique writing style that’s a bit dense in the beginning but smooths out after and becomes more fluid....