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  • Horror 2015 Available
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Market March 5, 2015    Sold March 5, 2015
Producer Tripp Vinson, Lisa Zambri, Tara Farney, Jim Seibel, Bill Johnson
Agent  (WME)
Manager Jeremy Bell (Gotham/Principal)
Financier Lotus Entertainment
Distributor Vinson Films
A couple begins to fear their child after he begins to show signs of genius level intelligence, which change him in chilling ways, leaving his parents and doctors wondering if his growing intellect is natural or if there is some other force influencing him.
A family is disturbed by their son's strange behavior, as they come to believe there is an evil spirit residing inside him.
A young boy of loving parents utilizes his special abilities acquired from a past life in order to carry out unfinished business.
A boy born with a genius-level intellect begins to demonstrate startling and violent tendencies, forcing his parents to confront the truth regarding the nature of their child.
Thriller, Horror, Dark, Demons, Evil, Film, Husband/Wife, Killer, Mistaken Identity, Mother/Son, Motherhood, Obsession, Psychological Thriller, Son, Suspenseful, Transformation
F White 36 Attractive
We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Good Son, Rosemary's Baby, Audrey Rose, The Babadook, The Omen
Modern Day/7-8 years
Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania: quiet suburb, modest two story home, child development specialists' practice, accelerated elementary school, small town public school; Rural Ohio forest, house, motel

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A DRIVER (40's) passes through a remote landscape in his truck. He nearly hits a WOMAN in the middle of the road, and pulls over to help her. She is bloodied and panicked, revealing a bloody stump where someone had cut off her hand.

Elsewhere, JOHN and SARAH TURNER (both 40-ish), prepare to go to the hospital as Sarah is hit with early contractions. They drive to the hospital, where Sarah delivers a healthy baby boy named MILES. Times passes as Miles grows up. He is unusually bright, showing an aptitude for language and cognition that is totally unprecedented for a child his age. His multi-colored eyes and unusual birthmark (across his back) make him someone of a physical anomaly as well, but he appears to be healthy and happy. Things get strange, as Miles claims to hear voices in his bedroom, and develops unusual taste in foods. At four, he displays unusually manipulative tendencies, setting up the babysitter by placing beer bottles in the living room to get her in trouble. At seven, he begins acting out at school, attacking a classmate with a wrench, voyeuristically watching his parents have sex, and speaking in tongues as he sleeps. He is...