• Bed Rest
  • Black List No Agent Set Up 2014 2015
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Market October 28, 2014    Sold July 27, 2015
Producer Chris Sparling, Karen Resonfelt
Manager Josh Goldenberg, Sean Perrone (Kaplan/Perrone)
Agent Rebecca Ewing, Doug Johnson (ICM)
Production Escape Artists, Sunswept Entertainment
Studio MGM
7/27/15: Bed Rest is Evans Taylor's first spec sale.
The story centers on a expectant mother who, due to the nature of her pregnancy, is confined to bed rest. It's when she can't leave her home that bad things begin to happen. Some have compared the tone to films such as Disturbia but with supernatural elements.
Having recovered from a previous miscarriage, an expecting mother moves into a house undergoing unexpected renovations with her supportive husband, where she begins to experience some problems with the house’s current occupants.
A pregnant woman is confined to bed rest in her new home, where a murderous spirit is intent to claim her unborn child for its own.
After an expecting couple move into a new lakeside house, the wife is put on bed rest. Overtime, she is possessed by paranoia and grief, and begins suspecting that the house is haunted by demonic children.
Children, Thriller, Horror, Dark, Film, Ghost, Medical, Mental Illness, Psychological Thriller
F White 28 Average
Rosemary's Baby, Disturbia, Sinister, The Conjuring, The Babadook
Present, about a week. Flashback to Three Years Prior. Flash Forward to One Year Later.
5% in a hospital room, 95% in and around a lake house. House is secluded between a lake and a forest, and is under reconstruction. Short scene on a rural road.

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Inside a delivery room, JULIE RIVERS (late 20s) screams in barbarous pain. She pushes a final time, and the doctors deliver the baby. However, it is silent. Her husband, DANIEL (late 20s), tries to reassure her, but the DOCTOR (ADULT) says they can't find a heartbeat. Realizing the horror, Julie screams on the top of her lungs, surrounded by blood. Three years later, Julie is pregnant again. She drives up to her new lakeside house in the middle of the woods. It is undergoing heavy construction. In the master bedroom, she bonds with her loving husband. Later, Julie unpacks. She pulls out a small box that catches her attention, but sets it aside. Daniel shows Julie to the unfinished nursery and reveals he has set up a remote control camera system by the crib. Downstairs, Julie notices that her cat is growling at a swinging chandelier. She loses footing, and hits her head on the stairs. Julie is rushed to the hospital, but recovers. DR. MEADOWS (ADULT) explains that Julie has experienced a partial placenta abruption, and must be put on bed rest. Back home, Daniel sets up a long term living area for Julie in the master bedroom. Daniel...