• Override
  • Action Sci-Fi 2015 Available
  • 80.7
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Market February 25, 2015
Agent Kathleen Remington, Will Watkins (ICM)
Manager Micah Klatzker, Stephen Crawford (Industry)
Kept under wraps, but is being pitched as a futuristic Fast and Furious.
Racing enthusiast, Austin declined after the takeover of automated driving, but takes it up again to redeem himself as a father.
Set in 2044 Los Angeles where driving is illegal and automotive cars handle daily transportation. However, a former racer is hired by the police to stop a heist team that knows how to shutdown the entire city’s transportation system.
In society where nobody drives, an old alcoholic professional driver is asked by the police to help catch a group of thieves with a strong driving ability. He does only to find out its being lead by his estranged daughter.
Action, Sci-fi, Crime, Chase, Father/Daughter, Film, Heist, Organized Crime, Police, Racing
Ultra High
M White 50 Attractive
"Fast and the Furious", "Minority Report"
Opening scene takes place 20 years before the events of the main narrative. The rest is around a week. The denouement takes place 7 years after main narrative.
75% are in LA city streets, warehouses, police stations, police garages, garages, auto shop, inside cars, car cemetery, desert highway, traffic control center, conference room, warehouses. 25% are in homes, rooftops, inside bot cars, shower, bedroom.

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AUSTIN (28), a young passionate driver, races a black car. He describes in a voice over that he was lucky to have it all, but right when he believes he is going to win first place against the black car, last minute it takes the lead. Austin is disgusted with himself. Even more so when he discovers that the car he was racing was a self-driving car. Present day Los Angeles 2044, driving is illegal, autonomous car are the norm. They are controlled by the government to keep everyone safe. LINDA (28), prepares her gear for the heist she performs with VINCE DARIO (40’s), ROBERT (30) and DEREK (32). They work as a perfect team as Robert shuts down the city’s transportation system. Every single bot that transports people freezes and the entrie system is down. This buys the team time to steal money and rely on Linda’s incredible driving ability to escape the police with ease. WITGROWE (40’s) frustrated but awe at her skills. Witgrowe visits AUSTIN (50’s), who runs his black market business of selling automatic vehicles. He tells him he needs a driver, Austine feigns interest, but his passion for cars is apparent by the look of...
Reader 1 Comments
Racing enthusiast, Austin declined after the takeover of automated driving, but takes it up again to redeem himself as a father. The futuristic, car racing, gun chasing big world story is engaging and marketable. Additionally, what makes “Override” a notable concept, is the unique small story of father and daughter which is universally relatable. Themes of love and loyalty is evident throughout and bolstered by the dramatic question of redemption. The idea is effectively executed, with strong dialogue, structure, and characterization. However, the piece would truly shine with another polish that addresses lapses in craft, and logic....
Reader 2 Comments
In 2044 Los Angeles, self-driving cars are the norm as regular driving is illegal. However, the police hire a former race car driver to help hunt down a heist team with their own specialized driver and worse they know how to shut down the city’s transportation system completely. The premise is interesting as tension and conflict can be built directly from the core concept. It also lays the foundation for interesting character decisions as Austin finally has the chance to drive again, while saving his daughter first from Dario’s dangerous team. Characters are good as Austin takes an active approach to save Linda, which is his clear goal. Dario, the villain, is great as his motivations are clear and he keeps Austin and Witgrowe since it feels he is always a few steps ahead of them. However, Austin does not have a clear character arc nor a weakness, or fear that he needs to address. From the beginning, Austin knows he was not a great father so he wants to make things right by saving her. He does not change from the beginning to the end. Linda’s goal is also not clear until the last third. There are some good dialogue moments that are funny and helps distinguish characters from one another. However, some dialogue can be on the nose or feel a little too outright. Structure is a major strength as beats do not feel missing or misplaced. They all function to create one cohesive narrative that steadily increasing the stakes and develops important character beats. Craft is good as there are little to no grammar or formatting errors. Scene descriptions are written concisely yet vividly paint the futuristic atmosphere....
Reader 3 Comments
In “Override” nobody drives. Humans are driven around by robot cars all connected to a main computer. When a crew of domestic terrorist who drive a regular car known as a stock cars decides to destroy the program the police enlist the help of Austin an old washed up extreme car driver. Things turn when one of the members from the terror group turns out be his daughter that he abandoned when she was a child. “Override” is filled with action and thrilling car chases. There is issues with structure and a few questions in logic. The characters are well written with progressing conflict. Pacing is nice with clear dialogue. “Override” is nicely done, but can use another rewrite....