• A Rose in the Darkness
  • Horror No Agent 2015 Thriller Available
  • 80.7
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Market February 20, 2015
Manager Brooklyn Weaver, David Binns (Energy)
Kept under wraps, but described as a contained, dark/family-cult twist on The Strangers.
The son of serial murderers becomes conflicted with his outlook on his parents and world when he befriends a girl whom his parents have imprisoned in their attic.
A young boy living with his serial-killer-parents in seclusion will have his first encounter with another human shake his world to the point of no return.
A teenage boy has lived his entire life knowing only his parents strict, warped views of religious cannibalism, but he risks it all for a girl.
Thriller, Faith/Spirituality, Horror, Mystery, Cop, Criminal, Dark, Evil, Father/Son, Film, Hostage, Kidnap, Killer, Mother/Son, Psychodrama, Serial Killer
Ultra Low
M White 13 Average
The Strangers, Red State, Natural Born Killers, Pet
About a week
A House in the Mississippi Badlands (Attic, Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room) Field, Church, Forest

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“Rose In the Darkness” starts in Mississippi's Badlands(1994) where MICHA (13), a young boy, is having dinner with his parents, FATHER (late 30's) and MOTHER (late 30's). While the three casually pass the potatoes around and say grace, there is a horrifying screaming going on above them, in the attic. It’s relentless, loud, violent. Nobody acts surprised or concerned.
Wanting to eat in peace, the mother casually walks upstairs, and after a moment, we hear something being beaten badly. Then silence. The mother comes back down, a huge bloody handprint on her dress, and the family resumes their dinner. Micha finds a HUMAN TOOTH in his food, reacts normally. Father warns Micha not to go near the attic. Both parents have keychains with multiples keys on them. Micha goes outside, where a chalk circle is drawn around the perimeter of the house. He finds a rose outside the circle, and can't reach it. WE SEE many fresh unmarked graves around the perimeter of the house. Father shoots a coyote that picks a bone from one of the graves.
The three are in the living room as Micha plays the violin. They hear church bells from nearby when we learn Micha has never...
Reader 1 Comments
The son of serial murderers becomes conflicted with his outlook on his parents and world when he befriends a girl whom his parents have imprisoned in their attic. Ultimately, he decides to save the girl but only comes out alive once his mother kills his father. This is very intriguing yet disturbing premise, that may cross too many lines for some audiences, but is original as it uses the perspective of the child of the serial killers, not the usual detective or victim's perspective. With this child protagonist, it allows a lot of interesting decisions to be made and ends up being a very strong and interesting character that demonstrates a ton of change. The tone is consistently disturbing and intense, which completely fits the genre and premise, and is told efficiently with good fast pace and very easily comprehensive structure. The external and internal conflicts are both very strong and are interrelated throughout, making this one of the project's best aspects. The only lacking part is the dialogue, which in itself is not bad and is full of subtext, but is at times unbelievable because of its maturity and elevated nature that doesn't fit the 13 year old children....
Reader 2 Comments
Micha, a young boy who lives with his serial-killer parents in the badlands, will disobey his father and enter the forbidden attic, where the parents keep, kill and eat people. When he meets a girl named Rose, he will find it very hard to maintain his parents' world view and will be pushed into choosing between his parents and saving her. The premise is rather original and intriguing as it presents us early on to the characters that are usually explored less and last in films- the really bad guys. The characters themselves aren't explored fully except for the protagonist Micha who's arc is well crafted. The dialogue serves an important purpose yet fails to convey the parent's interesting ideology or subtext about their beliefs. The internal conflict of Micha is the main generator for the plot, as the external one changes throughout, yet remains interesting and compelling. The structure is rather solid, yet the plot is very contained into the small cast and few events that take place, which slows down the pacing and misses some structural beats in terms of timing. "A Rose" is recommend mostly due to the probably ultra low budget, and high grossing possibility counting on the originality, tone, and premise, relying on the minimal cast and three locations....
Reader 3 Comments
The premise is enticing and has promise: horror film featuring teens and religious cannibalism. It is an intriguing concept, and has the potential of acquiring an audience. However concept is not met to fruition, as there are discernible weaknesses muddying the script. For instance, the dialogue is poorly written, and there are lapses in logic. While the three act structure works to motivate the narrative, the illogical plot points and action description create an unsatisfying resolution. Although the script is not hopeless, significant revisions are required for it to be considered for production....