• Twains, Trains & Riverboats: The Secret Adventures of Mark Twain
  • Action 2015 Top Action
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Market February 4, 2015
Manager John Beach (Gravity Squared Entertainment)
Samuel Clemens, a bookish printer on his way to the gold fields of California with his brother Henry in 1849, have to evade spies, Mounties & assassins after being framed for murder, and with help from Susan B. Anthony and a few riverboat con-men, must save America from being invaded and re-colonized by Great Britain. Pitched as SHERLOCK HOLMES meets ROMANCING THE STONE set on the Mississippi River.
Mark Twain reveals the story that influenced his major works and authors, where he and his friends get wrapped up into a murder plot that will start a war between America and Mexico if they don't stop it.
Samuel Clemens, a bookish printer on his way to the gold fields of California with his brother Henry in 1849, have to evade spies, Mounties & assassins after being framed for murder all with the help of Susan B. Anthony, Jane Fairchild, and riverboat smugglers.
Heading to California for gold, the Clemens brothers are accused of murder and have to prove themselves innocent in the midst of an upcoming war.
Action, Adventure, Period, War, Boat/Ship, Film, Mistaken Identity, Murder, Travel
M White 30 Average
Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (2014)
The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944)
White Christmas (1954)
Oz, The Great and The Powerful (2013)
1849; A few days
Boats, old ship, casino, train, bar, river, small town, docks and ports, police station, train station, New Orleans, hospital, camp/field, church, jailhouse, western town streets, country road, printer's shop

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MARK TWAIN/SAM CLEMENS (90) is on his death bed when he finally reveals the true story of his adventures. Flashback to 1849, SAM CLEMENS (30) and his brother HENRY CLEMENS (25) lock up their printer shop and head to California to claim gold. They board a train to the west where they meet JONATHAN BOND (39), a seemingly nice British gentleman that buys them a drink. For the brothers who are seeking gold and adventure, everything is going according to plan. At dinner, they sit at a table with JANE FAIRCHILD (24) and SUSAN ANTHONY (25). A spark between Henry and Jane is immediately ignited. Susan and Sam on the other hand go straight to debating, for she is a strict abstinence believer, while Sam orders whiskey. At their cabins, Sam tries to write, but his writer's block doesn't allow it. As the quiet of the night falls in, Sam and Henry hear a mysterious talk on the hallway which seems to be a murder planning. Curious, they open the door, but only see shadows. As Henry knocks over a lamp, the mysterious figures disappears, and they run to catch them, but they are gone. Sam and Henry promptly stop...