• Orchard
  • Horror No Agent 2015 Available
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Market January 14, 2015
Manager Christopher Sherman (Rooster Films)
Left alone for the night in their new orchard farmhouse, three teenage sisters soon find themselves at the mercy of some unscrupulous townie boys. The tables are turned however, when the malevolence that roams the orchard soon puts the local boys in danger.
While their parent are away, three sisters are terrorized by a group of delinquent brothers. However, when a beast begins terrorizing the house, too, they have to find a way to survive.
A group of sisters are cornered by a group of brothers while home alone without their parents and must find a way to survive the night.
A group of teens are terrorized by a bloodthirsty creature at a remote farmhouse.
Thriller, Crime, Horror, Supernatural, Adolescence, Daughter, Death, Dysfunctional Family, Evil, Father/Daughter, Female Protagonist, Film, Husband/Wife, Killer, Mother/Daughter, Murder, Parent, Police, Revenge, Serial Killer, Siblings, Small Town, Troubled Youth, Werewolf
F Unspecified 19 Attractive
Final Girl, Girls Against Boys, The Conjuring, The Strangers, House at the End of the Street
Present Day / Several Days
80% takes place at a remote farm house and the adjacent orchard. Various rooms throughout the house, as well as exterior chase scenes. Other locations include a mom and pop convenience store, and various moving vehicles.

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At a remote farmhouse, STACY PHILLIPS (teens) enjoys a romantic evening with MARITN ELLSBURY (20s), a handsome charmer and owner of the house. However, she soon senses something is wrong and tries to leave, realizing he has drugged her wine. She passes out, and he proceeds to strangle her to death before burying her in a shallow grave. We see DOZENS of other identical graves, where Martin has buried his previous victims. He hears a strange noise coming from the trees, and flees towards the house. He is attacked by some kind of creature, mauling and killing him.

Months later, the DELANEY FAMILY moves into Martin's home, seemingly oblivious to the fate of its previous owner. BERNICE (mom, 30s), THOMAS (dad, 40s), and their three daughters JULIET (19), LISA (17), and WENDY (15). On their way through town, they stop at a convenience store, where a handsome BOY (BILLY, 18) flirts with Juliet. Her parents do not approve and bring her back to the car, but the two are clearly smitten. The STORE CLERK (60s) warms Thomas to keep his daughters away from Billy, and that he and his family are bad news. That night, Billy goes to a bar, where...