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Market January 7, 2015
Manager Jeff Portnoy (Heretic Management)
The Place Behind the Pines meets Prisoners.
After 10 years of captivity, a kidnapped girl with her two daughters will have to reacclimate to the real world after they manage to escape their capture, who is still loose and might strike again.
A young girl is kidnapped and held against her will for multiple years, bearing two children with her assailant, but is ultimately freed only to now deal with her captor on the loose and the adjustment to a new life and family.
Follows the life of a woman victim to her kidnapper, and her adjustments to life once free from him.
Drama, Thriller, Criminal, Dark, Daughter, Escape, Father/Daughter, Female, Female Protagonist, Film, Kidnap, Mother/Daughter, Motherhood, Murder, Parent, Parenthood, Prison, Siblings
F White 23 Average
Room, Prisoners, A Place Beyond The Pines,
A couple of weeks
Suburban Houses, Dentist's office, Women's prison, courtroom, Grocery store, Middle school class/yard, Motel, Forest, Train Boxcar, Backyards, Shed, Copy store, Police station, Offices.

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Open on GIL (23), GINGER (10), and GRACEY (8) in a tent outside. It is actually in the backyard of VERNON (45) and MAY (41). Gil and Vernon work at copy store, while May stays home with Ginger and Gracey. Seemingly a normal family, they go on a trip to the zoo. Gracey falls off a fountain and breaks her wrist. Vernon rushes the whole family home, and instead of going to the hospital, insists on just using ice to fix Gracey's wrist. May and Gil both want to take her to the hospital, but Vernon adamantly disagrees and opts to have her take NyQuil to make her sleep.

Gil tries to slip someone a note to someone at the copy store, but Vernon catches her. He forces her to sleep in a sound-proof shed that night, where Ginger sneaks in and says she is afraid she will be in there for a year like last time. Gil says that won't happen. Vernon lets her out the next day. Vernon and May argue that night about Vernon's want to move and paranoia about someone watching their house. The next Gil notices Gracey's arm is showing signs of Gangrene. May decides to...