• The Circle
  • Drama Hit List Produced Sci-Fi 2014 Thriller
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Market December 5, 2014    Sold June 30, 2015
Actor Tom Hanks, Emma Watson
Producer Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Anthony Bregman, Laurie MacDonald
Director James Ponsoldt
Agent Andrew Cannava, Bec Smith (UTA)
Manager Brad Petrigala (Brillstein Entertainment Partners)
Production Playtone, Likely Story, Parkes+MacDonald Image Nation
Based on the David Eggers novel of the same name, published by McSweeney's in October 2013.
A young female tech worker takes a job at a powerful Internet corporation, quickly rises up the company's ranks, and soon finds herself in a perilous situation that involves privacy, surveillance, and freedom - and her decisions and actions will determine the future of humanity.
After taking a job at a massive social media company, a young woman is pulled into their culture of oversharing, and becomes a celebrity who shares every moment of her life online. As the company’s infiltration into every aspect of life starts to have dangerous implications, she’s forced to choose between her real and social “networks.”
A timid but talented young woman is hired at a massively popular social media company, where she rises in the ranks, and becomes an active participant in their new program where her every move is captured on camera for the world to see, causing friction with her friends and family who can see that the company may be more insidious than she thinks.
A new employee for the world’s leading social media firm decides to advance her company’s goal to digitally interconnect everyone by allowing every moment of her life to be recorded and broadcast to the world.
Sci-fi, Adaptation, Conspiracy, Film, Futuristic, High Concept, Mainstream (studio), Social Commentary
F White 24 Attractive
Her, Unfriended, Strange Days, Enemy of the State
Present Day/ Several Months.
80% San Francisco Bay Area including the fictional town of San Vincenzo, a massive tech company campus and its offices, meeting areas, stage, library, dorms, doctor's office, the bay, a marina, a small island, and various roads 20% Various West Coast locations including a small Central California town, a modest house, an office building, a rural northwest town, various roads, and UK exteriors

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MAE HOLLAND (24) works diligently at a dead end job in the small central California town where she still lives with her parents. She needs ex-boyfriend MERCER (25) to help her with her car, but isn’t particularly enthusiastic about seeing him.

One day, her college friend ANNIE ALLERTON (?) calls with a job offer from social media giant The Circle. Days later, Mae moves to the Bay Area, and is taken on a tour of the giant, impressive “campus” of the company, including the dorm that she’ll be living in. Annie also shows Mae an entertaining drawing depicting the founders of the company, tech visionary TY GOSPODINOV (20’s), businessman EAMON BAILEY (50’s), and Wall Streeter TOM STENTON (40’s). On the campus stage, Bailey gives a presentation on “SeeChange,” an innovative way to place cameras anywhere in the world, giving individuals the ability to watch anything. He touts this idea as the “Second Enlightenment,” and claims that “knowing everything” is better. At a party, Mae meets KALDEN (20's), a bit of a mysterious outsider with whom she instantly clicks. She remarks that the company’s culture of sharing is a bit intense, and he agrees. Mae adjusts well to her new job, and...