• My Friend Dahmer
  • Black List Drama 2014 Available
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Market December 15, 2014
Producer Marc Meyers, Jody Girgenti, Adam Goldworm
Manager Adam Goldworm (Aperture)
Production IBID Filmworks, Aperture
Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by John Backderf, Jeffrey Dahmer struggles with a difficult family life as a young boy and during his teenage years he slowly transforms, edging closer to the serial killer he becomes.
The teenage awkward alcohol filled years of serial killer Jeff Dahmer.
Based on the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s teenage years, he struggles with his dysfunctional family, fitting in high school, and taming his anger.
A look into the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer during his difficult high school years, as he struggles with his family, friends, and dangerous urges.
Drama, Biopic, Teen, Addiction, Adolescence, Alcohol, Dysfunctional Family, Father/Son, Friends/Friendship, High School, Killer, Outsider, Serial Killer
M White 17 Unattractive
Dahmer, Gacy, Hard Candy, Ordinary People
2 years, 1977
high school, woods, home, basement, empty field, gymnasium, classroom, cafeteria, high school football field with bleachers, burger joint, arcade, open field, side of highway

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JEFF DAHMER (16) goes to high school on the bus, like any other high schooler. He sees a jogger running by, and stares intently - this continues over the rest of his high school years. JOYCE (41) and LIONEL (41) are Jeff's parents, and even in this early stage of his life they are constantly fighting - this certain time it is about hiring an interior designer. At school, Jeff avoids everyone, and eats lunch alone. A couple seats next to him is OLIVER ZLATKA (16), an equally socially inept boy. He invites Jeff to a concert.

Another argument at the Dahmer house, as Lionel reminds Joyce she returned from the mental hospital less than a year ago. DAVE (10), Jeff's little brother, is worried but Jeff tells him they just yell and never hit each other. After school, Jeff sees Oliver being bullied. Oliver asks Jeff to help, but Jeff walks away. At home, Lionel finds Jeff working in his "lab", which consists of a small shed that Jeff has collected roadkill in jars where he uses acid to disintegrate the flesh in order to access the bones. He has tried to show other kids, but they aren't interested. Lionel...