• The Shower
  • Black List Comedy Set Up 2014
  • 85.1
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Market August 19, 2014
Actor Anne Hathaway
Producer D.J. Gugenheim, Andrew Lauren, Jac Schaeffer, Adam Shulman, Anne Hathaway
Agent Bill Weinstein, Melissa Solomon (Verve)
Manager Britton Rizzio (Circle of Confusion)
Financier Andrew Lauren Productions
A single woman's baby shower is interrupted when a comet rains down an alien virus that infects the people of her town.
A single woman's baby shower is interrupted when a comet rains down an alien virus that infects the people of her town.
A group of females has to figure out the way to kill aliens after a comet ruins their baby shower.
An alien invasion begins the day of a womans baby shower. The pregnant woman, single and anxious at the prospect of being a mother must survive with the help of her eccentric friends as aliens begin killing off the rest of the town.
Action, Comedy, Black Comedy, Alien, Apocalyptic, Chick Flick, Female Protagonist, Film, Parody, Survival
F White 30 Attractive
Bridesmaids, This is the End, Zombieland, The World's End.
Present, 48 hours
100% in Oak Valley and the outskirts of Oak Valley. Strip club, suburban house, Equinox gym, farmers market, a bakery/cafe.

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MARY KOPECKI (30) begrudgingly heads over to her baby shower while the radio reports that the Comet Smith-Jankowiscz is completing its passage that day. ERIN ASHLEIGH MCAULIFFE (30) finishes party planning, while her husband CHUCK MCAULIFFE (35) mocks her.

Meanwhile, LIV CAINE (30) picks up party supplies, ranting to the SALESGIRL (16). Mary makes it to Erin’s house, interrupting an awkward argument between Chuck and Erin about Erin’s infertility. He leaves for the club. Suburban housewives J.CREW, KATE SPADE, TORI BURCH (30s) arrive. JULIETTE (35), Mary’s cousin, shows up and backhandedly insults Mary for her decision to artificially inseminate herself despite not being in a relationship. Liv buys copious amounts of alcohol for the shower. Mary opens presents. DELILAH (26) tries to mingle with SUCCULENT (45), Mary’s monitrice (doula with medical training) but fails miserably. Liv finally reaches the house but drops all the balloons. There are jet trails all over the sky. A meteorite crashes into the patio. Erin's Pomeranian Jimmy Choo goes up and sniffs the steaming meteorite then morphs into a ridiculously strong alien creature. He bites J. Crew, Kate Spade, Tori Burch, and Juliette. Liv pins Jimmy under the dining room table. TIM (25), a police officer,...
Reader 1 Comments
"The Shower" follows a single pregnant woman, Mary, as she meets up with her longtime friends Erin and Liv for her baby shower, and then has to fight to survive an alien invasion via meteor shower. Fresh and funny, "The Shower" succeeds in melding tenderness, feminism, and comedy. With a surprising amount of character development amidst the guts and gore, the premise examines the power of friendship and support between Mary and her old friends, as well as the classic adage, don't judge a book by its cover, with the characters Tim and Delilah. Mary's internal conflict of not being sure if she wants to have the baby is strong and holds the film together. Dialogue is incredibly strong, with a great feel for comedic timing. Craft, likewise, is so strong that it makes "The Shower" an enjoyable and clear read....
Reader 2 Comments
“The Shower” is a comical hybrid of a chick flick and an alien movie about a baby shower gone wrong after an alien attack. It is an excellent satire on a modern society that is obsessed with fashion brands and sugar. It reverses the gender roles completely, therefore, mocks the everlasting rivalry between the genders about giving birth. In this flick, the males are the ones who contract the alien virus (or get “pregnant” with an alien), while the females are just the carriers. “The Shower” is more than just a silly, cliche apocalypse movie. As the alien plot unfolds, characters’ real human struggles are revealed, making the audience care for them. “The Shower” has a brilliant dialogue, well developed characters, and ubiquitous conflict. It could benefit from clearer structure and needs a patchwork of some minor logical flaws....
Reader 3 Comments
“The Shower” follows a close gang of friends as one of them, Mary (the main character), is pregnant with her first child. Liv and Erin, Mary’s close friends, are throwing her a baby shower when all of a sudden comets rain down upon their town carrying pods of vicious alien life forms. The three friends, a stripper from the baby shower, Tim, and their flighty yet brilliant baker friend, Delilah, all try to avoid dying a terrible alien induced death. “The Shower” is a really nice take on the female buddy comedy genre that’s becoming more popular. The characters are all very grounded but each of them have obvious, relatable flaws. The structure and pacing are somewhat confusing at times where the action leads the gang of characters off on odd tangents, but these tangents are often fine simply because there is a strong consistent tone throughout. There are only a couple of clichés that come up but overall these characters were enjoyable to watch as they get into odd situations....