• The Munchkin
  • Black List 2014 Thriller Available
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Market December 15, 2014
Agent Rob Herting, Tanya Cohen (Verve)
Manager Aaron Kaplan, Josh Goldenberg (Kaplan/Perrone)
A little person private eye investigates the disappearance of a young actress in 1930’s Hollywood, leading him to uncover conspiracies revolving around “The Wizard of Oz” and MGM brass.
In 1939 Hollywood, when an actress cast as a munchkin in “The Wizard of Oz” goes missing, it is up to a private investigator, who happens to also be a little person, to uncover the truth.
A little person detective works to uncover the whereabouts of a little person actress who has gone missing after getting a role in "The Wizard of Oz".
A private detective investigates the disappearance of a Munchkin actress on the set of "The Wizard of Oz".
Drama, Historical, Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Romance, Actor, Alcoholism, Behind The Scenes, Detective, Espionage/Spy, Film, Filmmaker/Filmmaking, Handicapped, Identity, Investigation, Love, Movie Business, Murder, Performer, Private Investigator, Prostitution, Secrets
M Unspecified 40 Average
Rear Window, Trumbo, Hail, Caesar!, Chinatown, the Long Goodbye
1939 / Several Weeks
Takes place across Los Angeles in the golden era of Hollywood. Locations include theaters, hotels, bars, a detective agency, various houses and apartments, moving cars and limousines. Sections take place on the set of "The Wizard of Oz" with dozens of extras.

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JUDY GARLAND (16) attends the premiere of "The Wizard of Oz", with her overbearing mother ETHEL (40s). Elsewhere, VIC SHEA (40s), a little person private eye, argues with his receptionist DORIS (29), an aspiring actress, over new clientele. A young girl asks Vic to investigate the disappearance of her cat, and he reluctantly agrees, desperate for money. He finds the cat and accepts the girl's piggy bank as payment, much to Doris' horror. Doris attempts to define their relationship, asking Vic if he loves her, but he refuses to answer, saying label's aren't important.

The next day, GERALDINE BUSBY (40s) comes to the office, saying that her daughter CLAUDETTE (15), a little person, has gone missing after working as a munchkin on "The Wizard of Oz". Vic initially declines to investigate, but after getting wasted (and nearly beaten to death by drunken goons), he agrees to look into the disappearance. He and Doris go to Claudette's apartment, where her landlady ANNE (30s) shows them to her room. With no leads, they go to LLOYD (30s), Doris' brother, who happens to be a police officer, and ask to search public records for missing persons. With no luck, they go to MGM, where...