• Huntsville
  • Black List Drama Produced 2014 Thriller
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Market December 15, 2014    Sold September 17, 2015
Director Eric England
Actor Shea Whigham, Anya Taylor-Joy
Executive Fouad Mikati, Karam Abulhusn, Candice Abela
Agent Bob Hohman, Mark Hartogsohn (Gersh)
Manager Allison Doyle (Project D Media)
Production Coalition Group
In a sleepy southern town a man with a haunted past encounters an attractive young woman who moves in next door.
A lonely man finds friendship with his young neighbor, but his interest in her becomes more than just friendly.
A former corrections officer confronts his past in an unlikely person.
A quiet, lonely and mysterious man has his life turned around when a young girl, just as mysterious, moves in next door.
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Coming of Age, Con, Dark, Film, Independent (avant-garde), Love Triangle, Mistaken Identity, Murder, Prison, Revenge, School, Tragedy, Troubled Youth, Vigilante
M White 35 Average
Dead Man Walking, The Green Mile, Shutter Island, Rushmore, Palo Alto, Lolita
Present, a couple of weeks.
Sebring, FL: high school classroom and parking lot, interior and exterior of a run down apartment building, lake with a boat, bonfire scene, and Indy car races. Texas: interior prison execution room, exterior and interior of a bar.

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HANK (adult), high school security guard, lives a solitary life and sees people that aren’t there. He sees a long-haired man while fishing. JOSIE (17) moves in next door. Hank is attracted to Josie.

Josie meets MARCUS (teenager) at high school. There is tension between Marcus and Hank.

Hank watches Josie in the pool one afternoon. He sees the illusion of the same long-haired man he saw before. Josie mentions to their neighbor MARTHA (60s), that her parents will be joining her soon.

Marcus comes to Josie’s house and she tells him she lives alone. Marcus is impressed. She tells him she grew up with an Army father and her parents agreed to emancipate her when they moved to Germany.

Marcus taunts Hank. Hank warns Josie to be careful of Marcus.

Martha invites everyone over for a BBQ. Hank bonds with Josie over a race with his pet tortoises.

Josie leaves with Marcus and GATOR (teenager), Marcus’s friend. Hank is sad. GORDIE (60s), Martha’s husband, dances around the subject that Hank shouldn’t be attracted to Josie.

Josie parties and tries to attract both Marcus and Gator. They tell her that Hank is creepy.

Josie returns home and Hank contrives to accidentally run into her. Josie sees if she...