• Blink
  • Black List Set Up 2014
  • 82.4
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Market November 17, 2014    Sold November 17, 2014
Producer Jake Kurily, Aaron Ginsburg, William Green
Agent Chris Sablan (Original Artists)
Manager Ryan Cunningham (Madhouse)
Financier Atlas Independent
Several years after suffering full-body paralysis from an infamous unsolved bank robbery, a man is taken hostage for his secrets. His only form of communication, and only chance of outsmarting his captors, is his ability to blink.
A bank robber who masterminds the perfect robbery ends up gravely injured. Eight years later he gets the opportunity to set things right.
After an intense bank robbery and hostage situation years ago, a fully paralyzed man helps a criminal claim that money by using his only form of communication: blinking.
After involvement in a bank heist eight years ago resulted in full paralysis, a middle-aged man is sprung out of the hospital he lives in by a shady orderly so they can recover the money he's stashed away. His only way of communication with this man is through b
Action, Drama, Thriller, Crime, Con, Disability, Film, Handicapped, Heist, Hostage, Independent (avant-garde), Medical, Mistaken Identity, Survival
M Other 45 Unattractive
V/H/S, Enter the Void, [Rec], The Lookout, The Bone Collector, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Heat, The Intouchables,
Present. A Few Days. Flashbacks to different days eight years ago.
Los Angeles: hospital, ambulance, mechanic's garage, forest cabin with porch, woods, desert, parking garage, van with medical equipment. Flashbacks: bar, woods, bank involving a robbery, vault, car.

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NURSE ROBIN (40s) shows bumpkin orderly MOE (20s) how to care for patient LOCKHART (Adult). The world, and all the events going forward, are seen from Lockhart’s POV, peppered with blinking, his sole form of communication since full paralysis years ago. One blink means no, and two means yes. As Robin sedates Lockhart per routine, Moe asks about the bank robbery and Robin tells Moe that they don’t talk about it.

Alone, Moe brings Lockhart security footage of the robbery and hostage situation and implicates that Lockhart was the fourth robber not seen on tape. Moe calls Lockhart EDDIE and says that Eddie could be in a prison hospital. Shocked, Eddie’s heart monitor beeps faster and Robin rushes in. Moe whispers to Eddie that he’s his only chance of connecting to the outside world.

While Robin uses a letter board to communicate, Eddie manages to stop Moe from hurting her from behind. Moe leaves and Eddie doesn’t tell Robin anything.

Moe tells Eddie that he’s infamous. Other footage reports that police are unsure why the one safety deposit box was stolen, but the Union Township company was shut down days later. Moe tells Eddie that he met Eddie’s getaway driver BIG MACK years...
Reader 1 Comments
“Blink” is about a bank robbery that doesn’t go as expected and leaves the mastermind in full body paralysis. Eight years later an opportunity for redemption arises when he least expects it. The structure is intriguing because all of the bank robbery details get teased out slowly through flashbacks leading to excellent mystery versus discovery. The pacing is done well with a good balance of action and dialogue. The characters emotions are conveyed strongly but the protagonist’s true motive isn’t made clear until the end, which works well....
Reader 2 Comments
“Blink” is wholly original and non-stop thrilling. It’s about a paraplegic criminal who helps another criminal retrieve hidden money from a bank robbery operation years ago. It has an excellent structure that reveals the premise’s secrets over time, ramping up the conflict at an exhilarating pace. The characters and dialogue are well-crafted. “Blink” has a specific tone and effectively written action style and craft. The logic is also tight making “Blink” a refreshing heist narrative....
Reader 3 Comments
“Blink” is about Eddie Locke, a former hitman/bank robber who’s rendered paralyzed after a major bank heist. Eight years later, a new orderly springs Eddie out of the hospital to lead him to the money stashed away from said heist. We see the entire thing from Eddie’s perspective, unable to do anything but blink to communicate. The premise is thin, but that conceit is compelling enough to slightly overcompensate for it. Despite being largely absent from screen physically, the protagonist is well realized, even with certain character and conflict mechanics missing. The writing is fairly decent....