• Big Time Adolescence
  • Black List 2014 Available
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Market December 15, 2014
Agent Amanda Hymson, Geoff Morely (UTA)
Manager Justin Letter, Langley Perer (Mosaic)
An aimless college dropout takes a sixteen-year-old virgin with a growth deficiency under his wing and introduces him to his world, corrupting his fragile innocent personality in the process.
A misfit high school student gains popularity among his peers by selling drugs provided by his much older friend.
A less than cool teen idolizes his older pal and will do anything to please him and stay friends, even when his antics selling drugs land him in deep trouble.
A teenager with a growth deficiency idolizes his older best friend, a college dropout, whose advice on everything from high school coolness to girls gets him into trouble.
Comedy, Teen, Buddy, Coming of Age, Drugs, Film, School
M White 16 Skinny
Superbad, Can't Hardly Wait, Role Models, 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street
Present, a few months. Flashbacks to moments 4-5 years earlier.
Wealthy suburban Chicago neighborhood: a high school, baseball field, various houses (one with a pool), doctor's office. Shabbier small apartments, batting cages, bars, a high-end art auction house, the Chicago Institute of Art.

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MO (16) narrates as a police officer leads him out of his high school classroom. Over a series of flashbacks, he talks about meeting ZEKE (23), his sister KATE’s (22) ex-boyfriend, years ago and looking up to him — which isn’t necessarily hard for Mo to do. He’s in the eight percentile of height for his age, with a hormonal growth deficiency. Even after Kate broke up with Zeke for cheating on her, Mo and Zeke continued to hang out, up to the present-day. Mo is at the doctor’s office with his parents, taking injections for his growth hormone deficiency. Mo is disappointed the injections aren’t making him taller. His parents drop him off at school, where he waits for them to leave before jumping into a car with Zeke. They go to a sports bar with Zeke’s friend NICK (?) and TONY (?) and try to pick up girls. Next they go to the art museum. Zeke shows off his knowledge and appreciation for art, but Mo doesn’t get it. With Mo narrating, he explains that Zeke should have gone to college, but dropped out after a disagreement with a fraternity he was trying to rush. At home, Mo’s...