• The Takeaway
  • Black List Rom-Com 2014 Thriller Available
  • 85.8
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Market April 1, 2014
Agent Sheryl Peterson, Adam Perry (APA)
Manager Allison Doyle (Project D Media)
Was previously set up with Di Novi Pictures, with Robert Luketic directing.
When a down-on-her-luck yet aspiring young woman who aims to reconstruct famous works of art falls in love with a charming, eccentric millionaire art dealer, she finds herself inducted into a team of highly skilled art thieves, led by the millionaire art dealer himself.
Drowning in debt and dreaming of becoming an art restorer, Emma Doyle finds herself swept off her feet by a dashing British millionaire and secret art thief, as he enlists her to help steal the art world's most notorious Rembrandt masterpiece.
After a bankrupt woman interning at a London museum agrees to a mysterious art restoration project, she discovers that she is working with stolen paintings. Growing obsessed with the thrill of the steal, she joins her employers in the dangerous and demanding world of the heist.
Drama, Mystery, Art Heist, Character Study, Dramedy, Female Protagonist, Film, Foreign Locale, Heist, Mainstream (studio), Organized Crime
F White 27 Attractive
Ocean's trilogy, Out of Sight, The Italian Job, To Catch a Theif, Thomas Crown Affair, The Tourists, National Treasure
Present, A Few Months
Takes place in England, in a number of prominent art museums, large mansions, bars, London streets, etc. Moves to the streets of Italy at one point and France.

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An unnamed crew of professionals execute a highly complex art heist, stealing a valuable painting and getting away with it. In London, an American woman, EMMA DOYLE (27), flirts with a guy at a pub. She explains that she is a successful art restoration specialist. Before he can make a move, Emma leaves. Talking with her financial advisor on the phone, she reveals that she actually isn't a reconstruction specialist, but a low-level secretary at an art museum with a whole lot of debt. Walking home, Emma buys a street vendor's butchered painting of Elvis and, at home, restores it beautifully.

At work, Emma asks her snooty boss, BENSON (50s), for a raise, though she declines. While giving a tour, Emma is playfully interrupted by LEO (40), a suave, English millionaire, who teases and flirts with her. Later, Emma gets drunk with her friends, ALISON (29) and BERNIE (28), before going home to talk to her parents, who are under the impression that Emma is a successful reconstruction specialist in London. She does not find the courage to tell them the truth.

Later, at a special opening of a new wing at the museum Emma works at, she finds herself confronted by...
Reader 1 Comments
“The Takeaway” chronicles an awkward yet passionate young woman who, upon falling in love with a suave millionaire art thief, finds herself pulled into the world of high-stakes art heists. Filled to the brim with romance and thrills in equal measure, it succeeds in being wholly unique, using its complex, evolving structure, its flawed yet likable protagonist and her conflict regarding the central relationship, and its at-once effortlessly cool and detailed tone to create an endlessly charming experience, which works on both the levels of an entertaining crowd-pleaser and an involving character drama. As its characters are likely to attract major stars, “The Takeaway” should be considered for production immediately....
Reader 2 Comments
A girl drowning in college debt and dreaming of restoring the art world’s great masterpieces, teams up with a suave art thief to help steal the art world’s most notorious painting. With a unique twist on this well-known heist premise, Emma as a protagonist and gifted restorer her developing relationship with the art thief world and Leo. Characters are entertaining though Emma’s quick decision to join forced with Leo and fall down the addictive stealing rabbit hole will benefit from greater set up of Emma as a character susceptible to the thrill of stealing art. Dialogue provides moments of comedy and provides fairly specific voices for individual characters. Conflict effectively finds a strong build of stakes and obstacles as Emma falls deeper into the world but skates a fine line of waiting too long to reveal the bigger conflict of Leo’s promise to steal the Takeaway Rembrandt, choosing rather to rely on the smaller conflicts of each new steal as Emma perfects her forging skills. In this way structure though very effective and organic, feels like it holds on to the reveal of Leo’s initial motives in contacting Emma feel too long, while the writing itself is nuanced and descriptive, keeping the read quick and entertaining....
Reader 3 Comments
"The Takeaway" follows Emma, an intern in London who, eager to make some money, agrees to a mysterious art restoration project. After realizing she works for art thieves, Emma joins the world of the heist, growing obsessed with the thrill of the steal. The premise is engaging and unique, bringing a female protagonist to the art-heist drama. It allows for scenes of both extreme tension and emotional drama. It is structured effectively, introducing flashbacks and subplots throughout. The protagonist is unique, but, lacking major flaws or likable qualities, fails to be appealing. The dialogue is masterful and differentiating, and the tone is appropriate and consistent. The external and internal conflicts escalate appropriately, but seem to lack a clear focus. There is an engaging voice throughout, with correct formatting and a lack of spelling errors. It is entertaining from start to finish, constantly prompting the question, "What happens next?" For an individual interested in the art-heist genre or a strong female protagonist, "The Takeaway" is a viable option....