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Market August 1, 2012    Sold August 1, 2012
This is a test project.
Embarking on a summer at the beach, a teenage boy struggles with his mother’s terrible boyfriend as well as his adolescent insecurities, until he makes friends with the good-hearted crew at a local waterpark and his world transforms radically.
A shy, lonely 14 year-old boy reluctantly goes on a summer trip to his mom’s belittling, arrogant boyfriend’s beach house and is taken under the wing of the cool, funny manager of the local water park.
Comedy, Drama, Family, Teen, Buddy, Dramedy, Dysfunctional Family, Feel Good/Uplifting, Film, Inspirational, Kids Movie, Mainstream (studio), Troubled Youth
M White 14 Average
- Boyhood
- Good Will Hunting
- Garden State
- Joe
Present Day, About a Week
Takes place mostly in an 80's feeling water park, a beach house, on a boat, the dunes and inside an old station wagon.

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DUNCAN (14) rides in the way back of his mom’s boyfriend, TRENT’s (40s) classic station wagon, his seat facing out the rear window, as Trent questions him about how he sees himself on a scale of one to ten. Trent tells Duncan he thinks he is a three because he does not socialize much with other kids and keeps to himself, but that he has a chance to improve that score this summer. PAM (30s), Duncan’s Mom is asleep in the passenger seat while STEPH (?), Trent’s daughter, listens to her iPod. They arrive at Trent’s beach house and start unloading their luggage when Trent’s neighbor, the fast-talking, upbeat, alcoholic BETTY THOMPSON (?) comes out to greet them, a wine glass in hand. Her daughter SUSANNA THOMPSON (15) hangs around on the porch while Susanna gossips and wise cracks as she meets Pam and Duncan. Duncan goes to the beach with Steph and her friends upon Trent’s insistence that Steph take Duncan with her. He sits by himself in the sand in his jeans and t-shirt, an outcast. Steph and her friends make fun of Duncan while he is clearly in hearing distance. He heads back up to the house...