• Shore Excursion
  • Peter Vanderwall
  • Action Horror No Agent 2012 Thriller Top Action Available Top Horror Top Thriller
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Market March 6, 2012
Manager Rhonda Bloom (Plumeria Entertainment)
A couple take a Caribbean cruise for their honeymoon but it turns deadly when they get stranded on an uninhabited island with a man who killed his wife and now must kill them.
A newlywed couple on a honeymoon cruise get more action than they bargained for when they become involved in the affairs of an older couple.
Action, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Drugs, Film, Hostage, Marooned, Murder
M White 23 Attractive
The Island of Dr. Moreau
Present, A Few Days
75% happens on a tropical island, including beaches, jungle, cliffs, a lagoon, waterfall, bar, pier, rocky shoreline, and storage shed. The rest is on a cruise ship, including boarding terminal, dinning room, decks, halls, and a stateroom.

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DANIEL BLAKELY (20s) and his new wife ADRIENNE (20s) are madly in love and on their honeymoon. While sailing the Caribbean on a cruise, they share a dining table with BYRON (40s) and THETA (40s) WELLS, a wealthy happily married couple (or so it seems). Theta notices her husband eyeing Adrienne and Adrienne senses it too. Theta confides to Adrienne that they are on this trip to save their marriage but it is not working and she plans to divorce Byron and take the business and all the money. Daniel admires Byron but Adrienne wants to stay distant when the cruise stops at a small island and everyone disembarks for the day. The water taxi driver emphasizes that no one stays on the island overnight and they must be on the last taxi back to the ship.

That doesn't happen for the newly married couple. While Daniel is sleeping after an impromptu sex romp in the jungle, Adrienne hears voices and spots Byron and Theta climbing a rock face and diving into a lagoon. Then she sees Byron slap Theta. She falls onto some rocks before landing motionless in the lagoon. Byron spots Adrienne and hurries down the rock face toward...
Reader 1 Comments
This is a great action thriller as DANIEL (23) and ADRIENNE BLAKELY (23) fight for survival when stranded on an island while on a honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean. The island is only used for day trips so is empty at night. But also on the island is a fellow passenger BYRON WELLS (49) who knocked his wife THETA WELLS (48) off a cliff. Byron knows that Adrienne saw him do it and they miss the last water taxi back to the cruise ship while running from him. The next boat doesn't come until morning so they spend a terror filled night trying to stay alive while being hunted by a killer. They think rescue has come when a boat of men arrives but they are there for drug money stashed on the island. Now they must run from them as well because the men think they are working for a drug boss trying to take over their operation. They aren't but the killer is. Once they are in danger and stranded on the island, the action heats up and doesn't stop until morning. It is exciting and tension filled. The characters don't have a chance against a trained killer, but they aren't giving up. They are in love and have their whole lives ahead. The pacing is great and barely gives a moment to catch a breath. The dialogue reveals character and the writing is exceptional....
Reader 2 Comments
A protagonist couple on their honeymoon cruise deeply infatuated with one another encounter an older couple disillusioned with marriage. When the ship drops anchor at a remote island the protagonists fall asleep, and upon awakening find themselves marooned on the island with only the older couple as company. The most noticeable thing about "Shore Excursion" is that it follows a level and predictable path. There is not an interesting conflict to the relationship between the protagonist couple and the antagonists don't pose much of a threat. The protagonists don't make interesting choices on their adventure. The action does not reflect on deeper themes than to make a comment on situations where there is not a mutuality of interests. The dialogue doesn't draw clear distinctions between characters, and the pacing is regular without clear swings. Many of these issues could be resolved by clearly establishing the premise early on....