• Westlake High School
  • Kim Ray
  • Horror 2012 Thriller Available Top Horror Top Thriller
  • 81.2
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Market March 5, 2012
Agent Keya Khayatian (UTA)
Manager Josh Kesselman (Principal Entertainment)
Strange things are happening at the high school, like people getting killed, and only one girl can stop it.
A lonely high school outsider finds herself at the center of an ordeal involving a group of popular kids who are terrorized by the ghost of a murdered cheerleader.
The vengeful ghost of a missing popular girl haunts the high school and the only one who can see her is the most unpopular girl in school.
Thriller, Horror, Supernatural, Teen, Coming of Age, Film, Ghost, Murder, Revenge, School, Troubled Youth
F White 17 Average
Carrie, Jennifer's Body
Present, A Few Months
75% takes place in a suburban high school in the present. Also has woods, two homes, two homes under construction, car, police station, hospital, cemetery, and bookstore in a mall.

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After she faces an unknown assailant, popular Westlake High cheerleader AMY (17) goes missing, scandalizing the small town.

School starts again for the fall and hot jocks JEFF (17), KURT (17), and MARK (17) pick at a dead squirrel on the field. In the girls' locker room awkward outcast BRIDGET (17) eavesdrops as cheerleaders VANESSA (17) and BETH (17) talk about Amy. During P.E. Jeff pushes Bridget into the squirrel. She runs away and thinks she sees a cheerleader entering the boys' locker room. After class, Jeff is found knocked out in the showers and DET. MCCONNELL (30s) asks the principal for Bridget's address.

In the woods Bridget overhears the other boys and Vanessa talking about her. They notice the sounds and chase her. While running away, Bridget sees Amy in the woods. A mysterious assailant kills Mark. Vanessa and Kurt's secret relationship is revealed.

At home Bridget faces the scorn of her unsupportive, religious mother GERRY. McConnell shows up to question Bridget but she doesn't tell him about Amy. He is called to the scene of Mark's murder. In class, Bridget tells her best friend STEPHEN that she thinks she saw Amy. She decides that she needs to find out what is...
Reader 1 Comments
This is a pure teen horror thriller. It has scary moments and delivers on mystery, shock, and surprise. The premise is people getting hurt and dying at a high school after one of its students AMY BRACKEN (16) goes missing. When school starts up again, it is not safe. Everyone is suspicious of “the creeper” as she is called. BRIDGET VANCE (16) is the school outcast. She is not one of the beautiful cool people. But Bridget knows something they don’t, who the killer is. Bridget follows her hunch and searches for the answers to what is happening and maybe how to stop it. She is an interesting and an unlikely hero. Her BFF (best friend) STEPHEN WEINTRAUB adds flavor to the cast of stereotypical cheerleaders and jocks. Unfortunately he must die. The conflict is evident from the beginning and tension is high as anyone could get killed at any time. The structure works well and tension builds as Bridgett tries to figure out why she can see the missing girl Amy when no one else can. The dialogue is contemporary. The writing is clear and well executed. The premise is not original but the way Bridget defeats the ghostly killer is creative. This is a solid horror film that fans of the genre should like because the characters draw you in....
Reader 2 Comments
A bullied high school outsider becomes an unwitting player in a bloody battle between a ghost and her popular crowd targets in this expertly paced tale that features an active central character with a tense and satisfying arc. Though many traditional themes and familiar archetypes that come with the setting and genre are featured consistently, a host of diverse conflicts and an expert use of suspense pay off well....
Reader 3 Comments
This high-school supernatural thriller doesn't offer much new to the genre, with archetypical jocks, cheerleaders, loners, etc., but does succeed in creating some character arcs, especially for the protagonist Bridget, while keeping the pace brisk and the structure coherent as a whole. While there are no glaring flaws, it doesn't go beyond the status quo when concerning either teenage dramas or supernatural thrillers. The blending of the two genres is done in a polished way but isn't all that engaging or different....