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Market December 16, 2013
Producer Gil Netter
Agent David Karp, Philip Raskind (WME)
Manager Mark Williams (Zero Gravity Management)
Production Netter Productions
After being diagnosed with dementia, a retired fiftysomething stunt motorcyclist sets out to perform one last jump.
A past his prime stunt driver feels compelled to again try the jump that ended his career after finding out he has dementia.
After being diagnosed with dementia, a legendary aging stuntman uses a upcoming star's admiration and fame to promote his own final stunt.
After discovering an endless list of mental health issues are soon to debilitate him, a fifty-six year old motocross has-been sets out to relive his glory days while teaching a young sensation a thing or two about what their sport is really all about.
Drama, Sports, Film, Mainstream (studio), Mental Illness, Mid-life Crisis, Slice of Life
M White 56 Average
Rocky, Talladega Nights, The Wrestler
Present, Around A Year
Majority of shooting takes place in motocross speedways. Various locations include a jail, a sports medicine center, a hotel, a casino, a hobby lobby, and a desert. Multiple clips of vintage film taken from the 1970's.

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BILLY BYRD (56) learns he is suffering from dementia. He decides to take his old ride out for a spin, despite his debilitating health. He winds up crashing, then goes to the parts store to get it fixed.

Once there, Billy runs into COLE CASH (20s), who is a motocross sensation. Cole extends his hand out for BIlly, but Billy doesn't shake it. After watching Cole run through an impressive list of stunts, Billy is the only one in the crowd who doesn't cheer. Billy leaves the scene and finds Cole riding alongside him soon afterward. The two race and do wheelies, until a cop pulls them over and they wind up in jail.

Behind bars, Cole mentions to Billy that he is going to Las Vegas to bike, and wishes he could join him. Billy accepts his invitation, but tells MAGGIE (29), his girlfriend, that he is only going because the young man needs direction. Billy finally begins to warm up to Cole when he admits that he is impressed by the knee brace he suggested. After insisting he jump again, Billy successfully lands a one-hundred foot jump, defying those who doubted he could make it. SAL (30's), Cole's manager, worries...