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A renowned race car driver’s rebellious son returns home, sparking conflict over his family’s past and his racing team’s future. "Sibling rivalry at 200 miles an hour."
When the younger son of a racecar legend returns home and rejoins the team, new tensions arise with the competitive older brother. As their father’s retirement looms near, sibling rivalry intensifies over who will be the next team driver.
The prodigal son of a Nascar legend returns on the eve of the championship race to help his dad win another title, despite tensions with his older brother.
A prodigal son must overcome a sibling rivalry with his older brother in order to help his father claim the NASCAR racing championship.
Action, Drama, Sports, Faith/Spirituality, Family, Film, Mainstream (studio)
M White 26 Attractive
Days of Thunder, The Last American Hero, Fast and Furious, Talledega Nights, The Natural.
2000, A Couple Weeks with the first scene flashback/dream to a few months previous
Miami streets, prison, ranch, race shop, Homestead-Miami Speedway, Atlanta Motor Speedway

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In Miami, Florida, talented driver TROY TASKER (20s) races on the streets against a CUBAN STREET HOOD (?) and manages to win. Dampening the victory, Troy's reckless driving has damaged public property and for this he's put in jail. Meanwhile, Troy’s father, BLAKE TRASKER (50s), a NASCAR legend, also races in Miami, but on the Homestead-Miami Speedway, competing in the NASCAR championship. A German business man, RHOADES (?), offers Blake $30 million to buy out Trasker Team, but Blake says he won’t sell. After Troy gets released early for good behavior, he returns back home to North Carolina to work on his father’s race crew because he has nowhere else to go. Some of the crew welcomes him back with open arms while others are skeptical, including Troy’s older brother, COLLIN (30s). Blake throws a welcome-home barbecue for Troy and crew members discuss the implications of Troy’s return and rumors about a buyout by Rhoades. Crew members are divided over both issues.

Troy finds out that KATIE (?) -- his friend and the crew’s fabricator, who he is developing romantic feelings for -- may have become romantic with another crew member, DUGGAN (?), Collin’s best friend. Troy, Collin, and the crew...
Reader 1 Comments
The story of two brothers, Troy and Collin, and their NASCAR legend father, Blake as they fight to win the championship, “Godspeed” is all-around solid and professionally crafted. The premise lays the foundation for an intense action movie but has more layers beyond fast racing cars. The vivid characters and the dynamics between them create tension and suspense of their own and create a premise that focuses on the conflict between the characters as much as the car racing. This creates complex tension and suspense, well-woven together, that drives the pacing towards big-action beats. The structure is strong, not leaving any excess fat. The dialogue supports characterization with distinct voices and sounds natural....
Reader 2 Comments
"Godspeed" is an intriguing family drama centered on the high stakes world of professional racecar driving, allowing for rich conflict. With a traditional structure and well-developed, three dimensional characters, it keeps interest invested throughout by focusing on the sibling rivalry and drawing biblical parallels between Troy, the youngest of the two Trasker boys, and the prodigal son. The Trasker team must deal with the upheaval of both Troy's return and the tension building regarding a potential buyout and Blake, owner of the team and father of the Trasker boys, refusal to take the money. Rooted in firm characters and large spectacle with several memorable lines of dialogue, "Godspeed" is an enjoyable family film with good action set pieces....
Reader 3 Comments
A NASCAR family racing-drama that invokes timeless biblical themes, "Godspeed" is for the most part a structurally sound narrative with solid characterizations, conflicts, dialogue, and pacing. While from a structural standpoint it’s good, the narrative suffers slightly from the performance of a few major characters in the main plot. While sibling rivalry between Troy and Collin is compelling drama, their father, Blake Tasker, at times comes off as two-dimensional and could be given more exciting scenes. The main antagonist forces of German businessman Rhoades and NASCAR race car driver, Garret Mason, could potentially benefit from being more fleshed out. Also, the real reasons for Rhoade's affiliation with Garret Mason and helping him dismantle Tasker Racing is left unclear. The subject matter is authentic and speaks to a large audience both in it's thematic implications and in it's racing appeal. There doesn't seem to be any real important need plot wise for this to be set in early 2000s since none of the pop culture or technology of the time is ever touched upon and so an update to the present may be advised....