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An unpopular small town Sheriff must stop a cunning anti-government terrorist who's hell-bent on melting down Arkansas's Nuclear One power plant.
A terrorist overtakes the nuclear power plant in Russellville Arkansas and it's up to one formerly disgraced Sheriff to stop him from initiating mass destruction.
A disgraced small town Sheriff must contend with a terrorist who has taken over a nuclear power plant, holding his soon-to-be fiance as a hostage.
A small-town Arkansas Sheriff must stop an ex-military madman from melting down a nuclear power plant.
Action, Film, Hostage, Mainstream (studio), Terrorist
M White 35 Attractive
Die Hard, Speed, The Rock, Under Siege, Broken Arrow, The China Syndrome.
Present Day, / A Few Days
90% Arkansas: Roads, Control Room, Reactor, Chapel, Mobile Home, Police Station, River, Woords, Parking Lot, Cooling Tower. 10% Washington, D.C.: Capitol Mall, Streets, Metro

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Sheriff LEE HAMMOND (30’s) patrols the roads outside of Russellville, Arkansas. He notices a motorcycle driving more than 100 MPH, and chases it down. Lee lets the driver -- his girlfriend BROOKE DAVIS (early 30’s) -- head on to her work as Control Room Supervisor of the heavily guarded Nuclear One Power Plant. Inside, Brooke and her coworkers are forced to deal with a meltdown drill orchestrated by her boss to test the readiness of the plant. Lee stops by to comply with emergency procedures, after which he and Brooke argue. Brooke is scheduled to leave the plant in a few months and, despite the end of his term as Sheriff, Lee wants to stay. Angered by the argument, Lee leaves.

JACKSON MONROE (middle-aged), a terrorist posing as a janitor, inputs a virus that shuts down the plant security systems. Outside, a car carrier speeds towards the gates, carrying monster trucks and ATVs outfitted with high tech machine guns. The security forces are quickly killed by MILITIAMEN, who round up the other employees as hostages. Inside the control room, Jackson produces a gun and shoots two of Brooke’s coworkers, taking control.

Noticing the smoke rising from the plant, Lee goes to investigate...
Reader 1 Comments
“Nuclear One” makes effective use of a “Die Hard in a Power Plant” premise as a small town sheriff must match wits with a terrorist intent on blowing up the local nuclear reactor.  Complete with exciting action and an entertaining climax, it could benefit from better defining the main characters. The premise, though not entirely original, is well executed, and the conflict builds appropriately as Jackson’s plan takes shape. The structure is nicely put together, with just the right amount of setup prior to the beginning of the assault, and a plot that does not meander even when the two sides are mostly at a standstill. There are a few, easily fixed small issues in craft, and a few logical problems that can for the most part be explained by suspension of disbelief....
Reader 2 Comments
Lee Hammond, a small town Arkansas sheriff, must save his soon to be fiance from a madman, who is hell bent on melting down the nuclear power plant she works in. With strong characters and dialogue, "Nuclear One" is a tight, likable, and charming contained action thriller reminiscent of successful predecessors like "Die Hard." The pacing is good, the action scenes are numerous and thrilling without overstaying their welcome, and the female lead breaks away from the stereotypical damsel in distress mold, providing a tough and likable female protagonist....
Reader 3 Comments
"Nuclear One" is a solidly structured hostage thriller in which a small town sheriff faces down a militia separatist to save his town from being destroyed by a nuclear meltdown.  The narrative shines with inventive action sequences, an original setting, a likeable protagonist and a strong enough supporting cast to effectively push along his journey. The antagonist could potentially benefit from greater dimensionality and there are some holes in logic and originality that, if addressed, would boost the potential for this action thriller through the roof....