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Spec Scout's screenplay coverage isn't just for pro material -- we think every script should be evaluated by the same criteria and rating system. For just $297 you get detailed analysis from three independent readers, plus a shot at the bigs. Want us to cover yours?


      Thank you for getting the feedback returned to me so quickly! Spec Scout has far exceeded my expectations. The readers' comments are clear, concise and offer a level of insight far superior to the other much more expensive feedback options I've tried. I am truly impressed.

      Nate W

      Down-to-earth, honest...and appreciated. Also wish to compliment -- considering the 'coverage' competition out there -- your unique approach to evaluating scripts. [My four favorite elements:] 1) The areas you focus on. 2) Your scoring system. 3) Having three different points of view offers invaluable insight into things that aren't working, or are confusing, or are effective (with examples! and page numbers!). 4) Different loglines from each reader shows how different people describe the script. A big "Thank You!" to the Spec Scout Team - I will certainly be returning with several scripts.

      Jamie H

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! Spec Scout provided me with a blueprint on how to proceed. Your service was exactly what I needed in order to get back to my script. I will be back to resubmit when I'm done with my next draft. Thanks again!

      Jane A

      Thank you so much. The readers' insight is helping us polish our work. Very helpful... You are clearly enthusiastic about helping and encouraging screenwriters to break into the industry. It's a breath of fresh air. We believe Spec Scout is a great fit for every writer out there who wants to know where they stand in the market. You'll hear from us again. Long live Spec Scout!

      Marc G

      Thanks so much for your screenplay coverage service. Fantastic notes/feedback providing constructive criticism – great value for the price!

      Leanne I.

      Thank you for getting this to me so quickly. Excellent advice on the script and exactly what I was hoping for. I am working on the rewrite as we speak. Again, I appreciate the help!

      Alan H

      I'm totally impressed with how detailed the coverage and notes are on these! Your readers really put in a lot of work. Completely impressed that they not only make notes of certain details, but actually include the page numbers for each detail they are talking about. Wow -- that's seriously impressive!

      Pamela K

      Thank you! We've struggled to get actionable notes from other coverage services so this is a true gift.

      Lane T

      Thanks for the feedback, Spec Scout — I’m finding it all extremely useful as a I think about ways to improve my script.

      Mark B

      Fantastic turn around! This coverage is very helpful and I will definitely use this feedback as I continue to develop this project. I genuinely appreciate the care and thoughtful analysis your readers provided. I will definitely consider using SpecScout as a resource again - in fact, I just did. I'm a fan.

      Jay C

      Great material gets noticed. Here's the TL;DR version of this whole page:

      The key to making your script great is getting detailed feedback from impartial professionals (ideally before it goes to market), and the feedback Spec Scout provides through our coverage service is exceptional. Plus, if your script is great, it earns a spot in the coverage library our industry pro subscribers rely on daily.

      Read below to get all the details, including the FAQ's below the Coverage Samples in the right column, and check out the samples themselves (click on the titles) to see what $297 buys you.

      A shot at the bigs. Here’s what makes Spec Scout valuable to screenwriters: Our subscribers are exclusively agents and managers, directors and producers, creative and production executives, and assistants to all of the above who use the site to track the spec market on a daily basis. So if your script earns inclusion into the coverage library (see "No monthly fees," below), it’s seen by industry pros alongside the pro material they’re already looking for.

      No monthly fees. There's one catch: You can't pay to be included in Spec Scout's coverage library, you have to earn it by writing a great screenplay. But if your script scores 68 or higher we'll not only invite you to list it in our coverage library for free, forever...you'll be able to upload and list your other material so it can be seen alongside the one that scored so well.

      You'll also get access to the site, where you'll be able to create a short profile of yourself to let our subscribers know exactly how to get in touch with you if they respond to your material, not to mention see how many times your screenplay has been downloaded by our subscribers.

      Check out our coverage page to get an in-depth look at how to the scoring system works.

      Exceptional feedback. The key to Spec Scout's ability to identify great material is our coverage service. Two things make our coverage special: First, every script we cover is read by three independent readers, which minimizes the "grumpy/distracted/jaded reader" effect. Our readers are pros (see the FAQ's, below), and having multiple simultaneous assessments of your script is hugely helpful when you're getting ready to do a set of revisions.

      Second, we apply the same rating and scoring system to our writer clients' scripts that we use to assess the material that has made it into the spec market. Every set of coverage we do generates a Spec Scout Score, which means our writer clients' material can be compared side-by-side with scripts on the spec market.

      In short, Spec Scout's scoring system is the tool that levels the playing field for writers. Buyers can rely on the Spec Scout Score as a mark of quality (not just popularity), whether it's repped by a top agent or manager or not.

      Questions? Comments? We're all ears.
      1. to info@specscout.com
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      By the way, in addition to tracking the spec market and keeping you in the loop, we've put together a list of the best screenwriting-related books, articles, websites, forums, job boards, podcasts, newsletters, blogs, clubs, classes and high profile contests all in one place. Check it out when you have a few minutes to browse.

      Ready to get started? Here's a recap:

      Our coverage costs $297, for which you get detailed comments and scores from three separate readers. If your Spec Scout Score is high enough, we'll invite you to list your script in our coverage library alongside coverage of the spec market material we track. It's totally up to you, and there's no additional cost for that listing, now or ever.

      If you accept our invitation, you'll get access to the site so you can: Create a brief profile of yourself and let industry pros know how to reach you if they like your material; see how many times your script has been downloaded by our subscribers; and upload any other scripts you want them to know about (also for free - we only charge for our coverage service).

      Our turnaround time is about a month, but we offer a 1-week rush service for an additional $100.

      There's no time like the present. Click the big green button to submit your latest script today.


      Our subscribers are pros. Access to our coverage library is limited to agents, managers, producers, directors and development executives. Our subscriber base currently includes hundreds of industry pros at companies including Amazon Studios, Bold, Chernin, Davis, Dreamworks, Energy, Fox, Gersh, ICM, Mosaic, Paradigm, QED, Universal, UTA, Vertigo and Verve.

      Coverage Samples
      • The Fault In Our Stars Black List Produced 92 R R SR Written by Scott Neustadter & Michael Weber
        A teenage girl stricken with cancer falls for a boy in her support group and the two form a bond as they deal with their illnesses.
        Market January 17, 2012    Sold March 28, 2012
        Director Josh Boone
        Actor Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort
        Agent Bill Zotti (CAA)
        Manager Aaron Kaplan, Sean Perrone (Kaplan/Perrone)
        Studio Fox 2000
        Production Temple Hill Entertainment
        12/17/2012: Adaptation of the novel by John Green made the 2012 Black List.
      • Murder City Black List Hit List Set Up 2012 82.8 R R C Written by Will Simmons
        To save the life of his family, an ex-cop, stripped of his badge after getting involved in a drug deal gone bad, must pay off his dying father’s debt.
        Market June 5, 2012    Sold March 6, 2013
        Producer Brooklyn Weaver
        Agent Geoff Morley, Jason Burns (United Talent Agency)
        Manager Brooklyn Weaver (Energy Entertainment)
        Production Thunder Road Pictures, Energy Independent
        Was with Aldamisa since March 2013. Thunder Road took ownership of the project in February of 2016.
      • Monster Problems Set Up 2012 87.5 C C SR Written by Brian Duffield
        Imprisoned but safe from the monster-apocalypse that now plagues Earth, a good-humored and sarcastic young man braves a thirty-mile stretch of monster-ridden hell to meet a girl he is convinced is the last single girl on Earth.
        Market June 18, 2012    Sold June 18, 2012
        Director Shawn Levy
        Agent Devra Lieb, Bayard Maybank (Gersh)
        Manager Zachary Cox, David Engel, Noah Rosen (Circle of Confusion)
        Studio Paramount Pictures
        Production 21 Laps
        3-2019 - This project is still alive. Per Deadline, Michael Matthews now directing. Shawn Levy producing. Michael Rooker starring.

      Who will be covering my screenplay? Our evaluation team is comprised of a dozen seasoned readers, each of whom has been exposed to countless produced and unproduced screenplays through previous experience writing coverage in development, at agencies and management companies, and in other professional environments.

      Further, each reader whose coverage appears in Spec Scout's database has undergone our thorough feature analysis training program to ensure the highest quality and consistency throughout our library.

      How long does an evaluation take? A complete analysis of your submission will be delivered to you within one month. One week rush service is available for an additional $100 fee.

      What happens if my script scores above a 75? If your screenplay scores above 75 points, congratulations! Your script holds up brilliantly when compared to the screenplays circulated by the best literary agents and managers. When you receive your coverage, it will be accompanied with our offer to be included in our coverage library alongside the spec market material we've been tracking for the past several years.

      If you accept, you'll not only get to include a short profile of yourself so our subscribers know how to contact you if they respond to your material, you'll be able to upload any other screenplays you'd like our subscribers to know about. For free. Forever. You're welcome.

      Who has access to Spec Scout's Coverage Library? Access to our coverage library is free but limited to agents and managers, directors and producers, development and production executives, and assistants to all of the above. Our subscriber base currently includes hundreds of industry pros at companies including Amazon Studios, Bold, Chernin, Davis, Dreamworks, Energy, Fox, Gersh, ICM, Mosaic, Paradigm, QED, Universal, UTA, Vertigo and Verve.

      What if I don't agree with your assessment? There's no getting around the fact that story analysis is inherently subjective. We designed our process to be as objective as possible, applying a single set of rigorous standards throughout and using the same criteria that buyers use to judge material.

      Whether the coverage lauds your masterpiece or encourages your growth, the points made will reference tried-and-true storytelling principles and cite specific examples (with page numbers) from your work.