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      Most Recent of Spec Market 2014
      • The Munchkin Black List 2014 Thriller Available Written by Will Widger
        A little person private eye investigates the disappearance of a young actress in 1930’s Hollywood, leading him to uncover conspiracies revolving around “The Wizard of Oz” and MGM brass.
        Market December 15, 2014
        Agent Rob Herting, Tanya Cohen (Verve)
        Manager Aaron Kaplan, Josh Goldenberg (Kaplan/Perrone)
      • Fevre Dream Action Horror 2014 Available Written by George R. R. Martin
        In this steamboat era adventure, a struggling riverboat captain begins a partnership with a wealthy young aristocrat on a journey across the Mississippi, but soon discovers that the man is actually a vampire on a mission to free his race from their dependance on human blood. Together, they must embark on a perilous quest to unite the race of the undead with those of the living.
        Market December 10, 2014
        Director David Slade
        Producer Vince Gerardis
        Agent  (WME)
        Manager Vince Gerardis (Created By)
        Adapted from Martin's book. Project was previously set up at Disney.
      • I Am Ryan Reynolds Black List Comedy Drama No Manager 2014 Available Written by
        An inside look at the marriage, career, and mental state of 2010’s Sexiest Man Alive.
        Market October 27, 2014
        Agent Peter Dodd, Max Michael (UTA)
      • The Long Haul Black List Drama 2014 Available 75 Written by Dan Stoller
        A self-destructive trucker estranged from his son travels cross country with a problematic nephew whom he barely knows.
        Market December 15, 2014
        Agent Geoff Morely, Jason Burns (UTA)
        Manager Ari Lubet, Greg Walter (3 Arts)
      • Tau Black List Horror Sci-Fi 2014 Available 75.6 Written by Noga Landau
        A woman held captive in the futuristic smart house of a psychopathic programmer realizes that her only hope of escape lies in turning the house’s sapient computer against its creator.
        Market June 11, 2014
        Agent Dana Harris, Meyash Prabhu, Ryan Feldman (WME)
        Manager Adam Simpson-Marshall (Caliber)
      • Seducing Ingrid Bergman Black List Set Up 2014 Written by Arash Amel
        Based on Chris Greenhalgh’s eponymous novel. Ingrid Bergman and war photographer Robert Capa engage in a passionate, life changing romance in post-World War II Paris.
        Market December 15, 2014    Sold December 15, 2014
        Producer Uday Chopra, Arash Amel, Jonathan Reiman
        Agent Brian Siberell, Ida Ziniti (CAA)
        Manager Matt Rosen (Grandview)
        Financier YRF Entertainment
      • Boston Strangler Black List Set Up 2014 Written by Chuck MacLean
        In the 1960s, a determined detective puts his life and career on the line to solve the case of the Boston Strangler.
        Market December 15, 2014    Sold December 15, 2014
        Producer Kevin McCormick
        Executive Aaron Schmidt
        Actor Casey Affleck
        Agent Jon Cassir, John Campisi, Alexandra Trustman (CAA)
        Manager Ben Rowe (Oasis Media Group)
        Studio Warner Bros.
        Production Langley Park Pictures
      • Bird Box Black List Produced 2014 85.2 Written by Eric Heisserer
        A woman tries to lead her children to safety after the world is invaded by monsters who turn you insane upon sight.
        Market December 15, 2014    Sold December 15, 2014
        Producer Scott Stuber, Chris Morgan
        Executive Jon Mone, Jay Polidoro, Jeffrey Kirschenbaum, Ainsley Davies, Michael Clear
        Agent Rich Cook, Jason Spitz (WME)
        Manager Julie Bloom (Art/Work)
        Studio Universal
        Production Bluegrass Pictures, Chris Morgan Productions
        11-7-2017 - Machine Gun Kelly and Sandra Bullock announced in Variety.
      • Echo Black List Set Up 2014 77.5 Written by
        A CIA drone coordinator battles his own psychological health while trying to decipher whether his wife has been replaced.
        Market December 15, 2014    Sold December 15, 2014
        Producer Shawn Levy
        Executive Dan Levine, Steve Asbell, Dan Cohen
        Agent Jeff Barry (ICM)
        Manager Stephen Crawford (Industry)
        Studio Fox
        Production 21 Laps
      • Syndrom(e) Black List Set Up 2014 75.4 Written by Mark Heyman
        A detective solving the case of a disturbing film with subliminal images that is killing people who come in contact with it discovers a greater evil.
        Market December 15, 2014    Sold December 15, 2014
        Producer Steven Zaillian, Garrett Basch, Steven M. Rales, Mark Roybal
        Executive Geoff Stier, Jeff Sommerville
        Agent Jon Cassir, John Garvey, Rob Kenneally (CAA)
        Manager Matt Rosen (Grandview)
        Studio Paramount
        Production Film Rites, Indian Paintbrush

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