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      About Spec Scout

      Spec Scout's mission is to be the best place to discover and promote the highest-quality screenplays, both on and off the market.

      That's pretty bold, we know, but we've come up with an innovative way to get there. We've built a first-of-its-kind coverage library, developed a screenplay scoring system called the Spec Scout Score, and we've rolled everything up into a website designed to meet the needs of entertainment industry pros. We aim to promote the best material, whether it's already circulating Hollywood or has been submitted by aspiring screenwriters.

      The result is a new level of transparency for the spec market, a level playing field for screenwriters, and a brand new way for aspiring writers to break into the business.

      Contact Details

      The best way to reach us is to use one of the "Contact Us" forms all over the site (there's even one below), but here are our contact details:

      Greg :
      Jason :
      Tim :
      Phone :   310.954.1456

      About the Founders

      Without our three founders' unique blend of entertainment industry experience and technical prowess, Spec Scout wouldn't be possible.

      Jason Scoggins. Jason brings over a decade of entertainment industry entrepreneurship to the table. In addition to boots-on-the-ground experience as a TV Lit agent (at Gersh and Writers & Artists) and feature lit manager (at Protocol and Eureka Canyon), he founded, the feature film database company he sold to in 2011. His weekly film development newsletter, the Scoggins Report, has been a spec market staple since early 2009 and currently goes out to nearly 5000 industry executives and creatives.

      Greg Gertmenian & Tim Lambert. Spec Scout's website is powered by Literary Engine, the coverage management platform Greg and Tim developed in response to a rising need at their management company, Abbot Entertainment, to monitor incoming and outgoing submissions. In addition to Spec Scout, the Literary Engine platform is in use at high profile production companies, management companies and screenplay competitions.

      The trio collaborates on every aspect of the company and its services but also specialize within their areas of expertise. Tim is the driving force behind the technology of the site and its underlying platform, the scope of which is way broader than it may appear on the site itself and the importance of which is impossible to overstate. Greg has the herculean task of training, managing and supervising our reader corps, which includes responsibility for maintaining the quality of our coverage and delivering it to our clients. And Jason focuses on tracking the spec market (big surprise), cultivating our industry relationships and promoting Spec Scout's writer clients and their material to our subscriber base of agents, managers, producers and executives.

      But enough about us... What do YOU think about us?
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