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      Most Recent of Spec Market 2014
      • The Cascade Black List Set Up 2014 Written by Kieran Fitzgerald
        Based on the documentary style film “The Day Britain Stopped” directed by Gabriel Range, an oil tanker collides with an Iranian patrol boat in the Strait of Hormuz, triggering a chain of tragic disastrous events.
        Market December 15, 2014    Sold December 15, 2014
        Executive Kira Goldberg
        Producer Ridley Scott, Steven Zaillian, Garrett Basch, Elishia Holmes
        Actor Michael Schaefer, Cate Blanchett
        Agent Ryan Feldman, Stuart Manashil (WME)
        Studio Fox
        Production Film Rites, Scott Free
      • My Friend Dahmer Black List Drama 2014 Available Written by Marc Meyers
        Based on the acclaimed graphic novel by John Backderf, Jeffrey Dahmer struggles with a difficult family life as a young boy and during his teenage years he slowly transforms, edging closer to the serial killer he becomes.
        Market December 15, 2014
        Producer Marc Meyers, Jody Girgenti, Adam Goldworm
        Manager Adam Goldworm (Aperture)
        Production IBID Filmworks, Aperture
      • Huntsville Black List Drama Produced 2014 Thriller Written by Anthony Ragnone II
        In a sleepy southern town a man with a haunted past encounters an attractive young woman who moves in next door.
        Market December 15, 2014    Sold September 17, 2015
        Director Eric England
        Actor Shea Whigham, Anya Taylor-Joy
        Executive Fouad Mikati, Karam Abulhusn, Candice Abela
        Agent Bob Hohman, Mark Hartogsohn (Gersh)
        Manager Allison Doyle (Project D Media)
        Production Coalition Group
      • The Circle Drama Hit List Produced Sci-Fi 2014 Thriller Written by James Ponsoldt
        A young female tech worker takes a job at a powerful Internet corporation, quickly rises up the company's ranks, and soon finds herself in a perilous situation that involves privacy, surveillance, and freedom - and her decisions and actions will determine the future of humanity.
        Market December 5, 2014    Sold June 30, 2015
        Actor Tom Hanks, Emma Watson
        Producer Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, Anthony Bregman, Laurie MacDonald
        Director James Ponsoldt
        Agent Andrew Cannava, Bec Smith (UTA)
        Manager Brad Petrigala (Brillstein Entertainment Partners)
        Production Playtone, Likely Story, Parkes+MacDonald Image Nation
        Based on the David Eggers novel of the same name, published by McSweeney's in October 2013.
      • Big Time Adolescence Black List 2014 Available Written by Jason Orley
        An aimless college dropout takes a sixteen-year-old virgin with a growth deficiency under his wing and introduces him to his world, corrupting his fragile innocent personality in the process.
        Market December 15, 2014
        Agent Amanda Hymson, Geoff Morely (UTA)
        Manager Justin Letter, Langley Perer (Mosaic)
      • Forgive Me Black List Drama Set Up 2014 Thriller Written by Max Hurwitz
        Tells the story of legendary newscaster Mike Wallace who, while building TV news juggernaut 60 Minutes, struggled with a severe chemical depression that he kept hidden from family and friends until the end of his career.
        Market July 2, 2014    Sold December 8, 2015
        Agent Jacqueline Sacerio, Jon Cassir (CAA), Jeff Silver (Grandview)
        Studio Amazon
        Michael Costigan will produce.
      • Beauty Pageant Black List Comedy 2014 Available Written by Shea Mirzai & Evan Mirzai
        After they unwittingly get their daughters disqualified from the child beauty circuit, two warring stagemothers are forced to go head to head in an adult beauty pageant.
        Market December 15, 2014
        Agent Adam Kanter, Martin Spencer (Paradigm)
        Manager Allen Fischer (Principato Young)
      • Bed Rest Black List No Agent Set Up 2014 2015 Written by Lori Evans Taylor
        The story centers on a expectant mother who, due to the nature of her pregnancy, is confined to bed rest. It's when she can't leave her home that bad things begin to happen. Some have compared the tone to films such as Disturbia but with supernatural elements.
        Market October 28, 2014    Sold July 27, 2015
        Producer Chris Sparling, Karen Resonfelt
        Manager Josh Goldenberg, Sean Perrone (Kaplan/Perrone)
        Agent Rebecca Ewing, Doug Johnson (ICM)
        Production Escape Artists, Sunswept Entertainment
        Studio MGM
        7/27/15: Bed Rest is Evans Taylor's first spec sale.
      • The Shower Black List Comedy Set Up 2014 85.1 Written by Jac Schaeffer
        A single woman's baby shower is interrupted when a comet rains down an alien virus that infects the people of her town.
        Market August 19, 2014
        Actor Anne Hathaway
        Producer D.J. Gugenheim, Andrew Lauren, Jac Schaeffer, Adam Shulman, Anne Hathaway
        Agent Bill Weinstein, Melissa Solomon (Verve)
        Manager Britton Rizzio (Circle of Confusion)
        Financier Andrew Lauren Productions
      • Blink Black List Set Up 2014 82.4 Written by Hernany Perla
        Several years after suffering full-body paralysis from an infamous unsolved bank robbery, a man is taken hostage for his secrets. His only form of communication, and only chance of outsmarting his captors, is his ability to blink.
        Market November 17, 2014    Sold November 17, 2014
        Producer Jake Kurily, Aaron Ginsburg, William Green
        Agent Chris Sablan (Original Artists)
        Manager Ryan Cunningham (Madhouse)
        Financier Atlas Independent

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