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      • American Rebel Action Drama Available Written by Christopher Cosmos
        Based on the life of Deborah Sampson, a woman from Massachusetts who disguised herself as a man in order to join the Continental Army and fight for her country’s independence during the Revolutionary War.
        Market September 21, 2016    Sold September 23, 2016
        Producer Amy Pascal, Adam Kolbrenner
        Agent Adrian Garcia, Chris Smith, David Boxerbaum (Paradigm)
        Manager Adam Kolbrenner (Madhouse)
        Production Pascal Pictures
        9-24-2016 - The deal closed for high six figures. Pascal Pictures has a deal at Sony.
      • The Pilgrimage Drama No Agent Available Written by Chris Boyle McQuarry
        Kept under wraps.
        Market September 15, 2016
        Producer Michael Fassbender, Conor McCaughan, Daniel Emmerson
        Manager Harriet Pennington Legh (Troika)
        Production DMC Films
      • Shakespeare: A Tale Of Adventure Action Available Written by Bobby Lee Darby & Nathan Brookes
        Follows a young William Shakespeare as he embarks on a thrilling journey and meets the iconic characters that will later inform his most famous works. Described as a potential tentpole adventure movie using the Shakespeare universe, the tone is Pirates of the Caribbean meets Snow White and the Huntsman.
        Market September 3, 2016
        Agent Chris Sablan (Original Artists)
        Manager Jonathan Hung (Hung Entertainment Group)
      • Contingency Protocol Action No Agent Sci-Fi Thriller Available Written by Mark Townend
        Story details are being kept under wraps, but being pitched as a high-concept sci-fi action thriller in the vein of Looper meets Safe House.
        Market September 1, 2016
        Manager Jeff Portnoy (Bellevue)
        9-2016 - Spec went out wide to all territories.
      • Captive State Drama No Manager Sci-Fi Set Up Written by Erica Beeney & Rupert Wyatt
        Logline kept under wraps.
        Market August 15, 2016    Sold August 31, 2016
        Producer David Crockett, Rupert Wyatt
        Director Rupert Wyatt
        Executive Jeff Skoll, Jonathan King
        Agent Brian Swardstrom, David Flynn, Jeremy Zimmer (UTA)
        Production Amblin Partners
        Financier Participant Media
      • Mercy Good Horror No Agent Available Written by Michael Caissie & Charles Huttinger
        When a family moves to Massachusetts, they soon find that the horrors of The Salem Witch Trials still linger in their new home. Elevated horror/suspense in the vein of The Conjuring.
        Market August 10, 2016
        Manager Christopher Sherman, Will Carlson (Rooster Films)
      • Life Itself Drama Set Up Written by Dan Fogelman
        A love story that interweaves various multi-generational characters whose lives are interconnected through the decades from New York to the Spanish countryside.
        Market August 2, 2016    Sold August 16, 2016
        Director Dan Fogelman
        Producer Marty Bowen, Wyck Godfrey
        Agent Danny Greenberg (WME)
        Manager Eryn Brown (Management 360)
        Financier FilmNation
        Production Temple Hill

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      • White Boy Rick Black List Hit List Set Up 2015 Written by Logan Miller & Noah Miller
        2 days ago
        Inspired by the story of Richard Wershe Jr. At the age of 14, Wershe became an undercover informant for local and federal law enforcement agencies in the mid-80s, and grew in that role enough to establish himself as a major drug dealer. He went from being an asset to an eyesore for law enforcement in the drug trafficking wars, and he was brought down in 1988–found with 17 pounds of coke at age 17–and sentenced to life without parole.
        Market February 17, 2015    Sold February 17, 2015
        Producer John Lesher
        Executive Jon Silk
        Manager Danny Sherman, Josh Kesselman (Thruline)
        Agent Charlie Ferraro, Peter Dodd, Rames Ishak, Tim Phillips, Michael Sheresky (UTA)
        Studio Studio 8
        Production Le Grisbi Productions, LBI Entertainment
        2/17/15: Deal includes a blind script commitment for the writers, who wrote, directed and produced "Touching Home" and "Sweetwater." UTA was not reported as the agency at the time it went out.
      • Visions Of Jonah No Agent 2015 Available Written by Ian Corson
        7 days ago
        Kept under wraps, but described as Starman meets The Fugitive.
        Market February 24, 2015
        Manager Jeff Portnoy (Heretic Literary Management)
      • The Service 2015 Thriller Available Written by L.D. Goffigan
        14 days ago
        A couple trying to salvage their flagging marriage gets more than they bargained for after subscribing to a service that aids them in living out their erotic fantasies. As the arranged escapades grow more serious and even dangerous, the pair discover they’re being manipulated by mysterious sadists who lure unsuspecting couples into a web of torture and murder.
        Market February 10, 2015
        Agent Stuart Manashil (WME)
        Manager Jewerl Ross (Silent R Management)
      • The Repeat Year Comedy Rom-Com 2015 Available Written by Megan Woodward
        14 days ago
        A woman wakes up on New Year’s morning and realizes that she is reliving the previous year (the worst of her life) all over again.
        Market February 3, 2015
        Producer Matt Smith
        Agent Debbie Deuble (APA)
        Manager John Tantillo (Tantillo Entertainment)
      • Test Pilot Written by Greg Gertmenian
        19 days ago
        This logline is a test

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      Most Recent Scouted
      • Kashmiriyat (aka The Infidel) Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 80.8 Written by Ashish Mehta
        After losing her husband and son to Islamist extremism in late 1980s Kashmir, a tough Kashmiri Muslim nurse decides to harbor and protect two wounded Indian army deserters on the run from their superiors and militants, placing her life in extreme jeopardy.
      • The Thinker Arises Action Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 75.1 Written by Jonathan Edward Young
        Paris, 1887. A street tough battles his way to fame and inspires the world’s most famous sculpture, but must choose between his glamorous new life or saving the poor he left behind from extermination.
      • State Of Love And Dodge Scouted Available Unrepped 75 Written by Louis Palma
        A consummate freeloader has to see his favorite band headline a sold-out concert in Seattle, but his ride is suicidal and the tickets are in the hands of the last thing he needs.
      • Requited Drama Scouted Available Unrepped 75.4 Written by Bill Johnston
        A former lawman turned lawyer uses his knowledge and courtroom experience to defend the last of his family against a ruthless land baron. When his violent past comes to light, he is forced to choose what he has become and what he once was in order to make thing right.
      • Bonds Of Betrayal - 2016 Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped 78.9 Written by Dimitra Demetriades
        A grieving detective is tasked with solving the murder of a woman's ex husband, with their daughter as the prime suspect. As he goes deeper into the mystery, he discovers a connection between the case, and an accident that took the life of his former lover months ago.
      • Hunted No Agent Scouted Set Up Thriller 77.8 Written by Matt Sinnreich
        Hunted is a contained thriller about a man who helps an isolated farm girl escape a clan of blood-thirsty religious zealots, only to discover the shocking reason why they’ve picked her as their sacrifice.
        Market October 13, 2015    Sold March 15, 2016
        Director Matt Sinnreich
        Producer Douglas Banker, Marina Bespalov, Moshe Diamant, Bernie Gewissler, Michael Tadross Jr., Brooklyn Weaver, Danny Roth
        Manager Brooklyn Weaver (Energy)
        Production Tadross Media Group, Parkside Pictures
        Financier Aldamisa
      • Party Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped 76.8 Written by Louis Palma
        An oppressed man desperate to party reunites with his old school buddies for an epic night only to find their personal growth stands between him and scoring drugs and alcohol.
      • White Hot Babyface Comedy Scouted Available Unrepped 80.1 Written by Andrew Rose
        Set in the bizarro world of 1970s professional wrestling, highbrow meets lowbrow when a fledgling wrestler, to save his job, secretly enlists the aid of a once revered method acting teacher.
      • Bonds Of Betrayal  - New Draft 9-2015 Scouted Thriller Available Unrepped 76.1 Written by Dimitra Demetriades
        A troubled detective investigating the brutal murder of a young girl commits suicide. Six months later, her lover investigates the murder of a middle-aged man only to realize the two cases might be connected.
      • Escaping Bellview Scouted Available Unrepped 75 Written by James Kicklighter
        In the hopes of leaving his small town, an awkward pre-teen tackles a stock market contest with a prize of visiting Atlanta. When he chooses to invest in a company that competes with his father's business, the pre-teen faces winning the contest at the expense of his dad's job or never being able to visit Atlanta.
        ***Please download newest draft**